Big Top Ball: Reviewed

Last night the circus came to town and it was a fantastic show!

As one of the cheaper balls in St Andrews at only £25, guests were treated to an amazing night that was well organised and full of fun. For your money you got a free glass of Barefoot wine on arrival, use of a photo booth (which I’m slightly regretting using post-wine….) and live music from Black Sheep followed by a DJ.

The circus theme was well executed with the tents looking stunning on Lower College Lawn and the inside being full of circus themed treats. The large tent was host to a dance floor and live music from the wonderful Black Sheep from 10pm til midnight. The choice of songs was ideal for dancing and the tent was packed all evening so that even the least confident of dancers felt happy boogieing on down in the crowd unnoticed. Unfortunately the flooring was a little uneven and some floor boards were missing, creating dangerous situations for people who were a little tipsy! The tent was generally well laid out however, improving on the slightly cramped layout of last year, leaving space to queue efficiently at the bar away from the dance floor. The bar had cheap Union prices and was efficiently run, meaning that I never had to spend too long not dancing.

Adjoining the large tent were smaller tents with food and game stalls set up in them. It was a lovely touch to use tokens to pay for these and made you feel as if you were at a real circus or fair. Tokens were available for 50p each at wristband collection and on the night and meant that you weren’t constantly rooting around in your purse for spare change, a very good idea! Stalls were run by students and it was a delight to see so many St Andrews students’ hard work coming together to create this event. The cakes, sherbet and popcorn were fabulous for drunken munching and it was nice to have a space to chat to people away from the loud music. The fortune teller was a novel addition to the theme and a personal highlight of my night, and the long queue there throughout the evening suggests that a lot of people agreed with me! My only criticism is that the stalls could have been decorated more outlandishly along the circus theme and could have been spread out to avoid crowds gathering in the small space.

Overall the Charities Committee and Big Top Ball committee should be commended on their fantastic choice of theme and execution of it. Small problems with last year’s event had been smoothed out with a more effective layout and addition of more circus themed stalls. It was a great crowd of people and the event was intimate enough that you were able to see a lot of your friends and not get lost if you wandered off. One of my personal favourite nights of the semester and a great end to a busy On The Rocks week, I will be ready to buy a ticket again if the circus makes a stop in St Andrews next year!