Bindi 2014: Reviewed

One of the best and most exciting features of St Andrews is its cultural diversity. Students come from across the globe to study here, bringing with them traditions and customs that allow us to experience the highlights of cultures other than our own. Bindi is the South Asian Society’s first large event and it is definitely one of the best for experiencing immersion into another culture’s celebrations.


The event’s name gives a good indication of the night ahead. A bindi is a decorative sticker or mark worn on the forehead, and it is considered a staple accessory for any South Asian, particularly Indian, party. Upon entering the venue, it was clear that guests had gotten an idea of the dress code to be expected. Men sported traditional Indian kurta pajamas, which involve a long shirt and loose pants. Colours painted the dance floor as girls spun and twirled in vivid clothing, many in beautifully embellished Indian dresses. Friends told me that they had asked everyone they knew to find outfits, just to fully embrace the atmosphere of the night. It was clear that the excitement for Bindi started much before the event itself!


As soon as the music started, everyone was dancing as if the party had been going on for hours. The venue size was perfect for the amount of guests attending, although it did get quite humid throughout the night. The music was absolutely fantastic and, although not all understood the words, everyone loved it. The playlist seemed endlessly filled with upbeat party songs. The South Asian society’s efforts in planning the event paid off extremely well and it was by far one of the most fun nights I’ve had so far in St Andrews.


If you didn’t have the chance to attend this time, the South Asian society promises another Bindi to come. Just make sure to buy tickets early, because the event sold out this time! A quick word of advice: don’t wear heels. Indian music involves lots of jumping and dancing, and you don’t want to be caught standing still at an event like this. Other than that, if you’re looking for a fantastic night with new music and a great vibe, Bindi is the place to be!