BINDI 2015: Reviewed

Having listened to my academic family rave about BINDI for months, my expectations were very high going in, and I must say, they were surpassed! With the ticket prices being a mere six for members and 8 for non-members, I did not expect the The Scores Hotel to be transformed all that much from the usual events it hosts. However, upon entering, the atmosphere was completely different. All the coloured lights and music completely transformed the vibe from traditional and formal to off-the-wall fun.


Gone were the set tables for three-course meals, and in their place, an open dance floor with flashing beams and Bollywood beats. While the doors opened at 9pm, the event truly started an hour and a half later when guests flooded in. The outfits varied from brightly coloured saris to jeans to sequined dresses, all with footwear suitable for a long night of dancing. The eclectic selection of outfits fit with the dancing of the night, and showed the diversity that such an event brings to St Andrews nightlife.


DJ Harri was accompanied by a talented dohl player, and together they incorporated Bollywood music with the usual Top40 mix. The duo provided a vibrant mix of music and ensured that the dance floor was always jam packed. In a place so dominated by the same chart-toppers, this changed the entire atmosphere of the night. This is really what gives BINDI such a great reputation, allowing people to cut loose and dance however they would like. The bar provided an excellent escape to cool down from dancing, with a quickly moving line and a break from the loud music. The only problem here was the somewhat steep price of the drinks. However, considering how fun the crowd was, drinking definitely wasn’t required to have a good time! Although it certainly helped some of the more rhythmically-challenged guests limber up and let loose those inhibitions on the dance floor. Despite the event’s somewhat early start, it remained full until the bitter end, making the ticket entirely price worth it. And while there were no sponsors or free goodies, I think they would have been lost anyway in the whirlwind of dancing. The ticket provides everything you need for a relaxed and great night out in St Andrews. BINIDI certainly sets itself apart from the many balls to which the Bubble plays host, and I must say, I danced more to the Bollywood tunes than I ever have in a gown at Kinkell.

If you missed out this time around, fear not! BINDI will be back again soon, and I expect to see all of you there.