BINDI: Reviewed

BINDI and Hot Dub, my two favourite nights, in the same week. It was a very good week. If you haven’t been, go to the next one, and if you did go, you know this already. The Sanskriti society know how to throw a good party, and they did not disappoint.

As a BINDI veteran I couldn’t help but miss the slightly charmless old venue of the Scores Hotel; it gave BINDI a hilarious vibe of a family party gone horribly, horribly right. But oh well, I’m a strange creature. The new venue, 601 itself, allowed the organisers to get a little creative. Blocking off the bigger dance area was a good call, concentrating everyone in the bar area and giving it a much busier atmosphere as well as keeping us nice and close to the alcohol. Making excellent use of the white panels they beamed colourful lotuses and dynamic light shows over the venue; admittedly a little more interesting than the Scores hotel events room.

Upon arriving at the beginning I knew that it would be empty and, sure enough, as I received my wrist band the lovely girls behind the box office were very quick in letting me know that ‘BINDI doesn’t get busy until late.’ Sure enough, I poked my head in 601 and very rapidly popped back to the desk to let them know that I would return. A solitary DJ and two members of committee slamming back vodka lemonades while I was alone did not appeal but, as someone who has been to a few of these, I knew it wouldn’t reflect on the night. Sure enough, when I went back again at midnight, people were filtering in and DJ Harri was up doing his thing.

A mixture of South Asian music and Western chart hitters, the music at BINDI is always fantastic. What’s not to love about living out your previous undiscovered dream of being a Bollywood princess. With a heavy rhythm that is excellent for the uncoordinated, the dancing at BINDI is the main event. Who knew I would spend the night singing along to Om Shanti On? Who knew I knew the words? BINDI tends to have that effect. It may have been the easy access to the bar and the fast service, or it may have been the shot of sake I had at my friend’s flat beforehand, but BINDI is some of the most honest, simple fun in St Andrews. No one is self conscious, no one wears heels, everyone dances like an idiot and has a truly fantastic time. Hats of to the Sanskriti society as usual.