Bindi: Reviewed

Hosted by Sanskriti, the University’s South Asian society, Bindi promised a night of music, drinks and dancing, and it certainly did not disappoint. Starting as they meant to go on, guests flocked to the dance floor the moment the DJ began his set. The music was an eclectic mix of Bollywood and Bhangra, creating an upbeat and lively vibe that ensured it was the standout feature of the night. The committee had even sourced a dholi for the occasion, a traditional Punjabi drummer. This added another dimension to the music, and really brought the party to life. Trust me when I say it’s impossible not to dance along to the rhythm of a dhol.


The space itself was the perfect size – intimate, but not overcrowded, with plenty of space to dance. Furthermore, the bar was well staffed, and the wait for drinks was never more than a few minutes. Add this to the prices of the union bar – a steal compared to the bar at larger venues like Kinkell – and you have a near perfect venue. From a logistic point of view, the organisation was also seamless. Ticket sales (which occurred on the night), wristband collection and entry were smoothly and efficiently run by the committee, a remarkable feat considering that queues for everything from coat check to the toilets seem to be an necessary evil of St Andrews events.


Perhaps the only criticism that could be made of the event – and it really is just a tiny one – is that the committee could have decorated the space a little more obviously. The screens in Club 601 did display the Sanskriti logo, and the photo booth was draped with a tapestry, but overall the decor didn’t really set the night apart from any other union club night. A friend of mine remarked that the Bindi event she had attended in her first year had provided a shisha tent for guests, although admittedly this is probably pushing the Union’s fire regulations and smoking policy a little far. Still, small touches like venue decorations definitely wouldn’t go amiss next time.

Overall though, the atmosphere in the club was exuberant. The guests showed no signs of tiring, and the dance floor remained full even towards the end of the night. Next time Sanskriti throw a party, it’s definitely not one to be missed.


Images (c) Owl Eyes