Bubble Bath: Review

A new monthly tradition for the Union, the comedy panel Bubble Bath returned this past week for its sophomore performance. Met with much critical acclaim for its October debut, the show brought back familiar segments and kept its overall format remained the same. However, November’s edition of Bubble Bath welcomed two fresh faces to the panel. As a last-minute replacement of Calum Hawley, Blind Mirth member Ed Fry easily adjusted to the show’s format and energy and had great chemistry – and banter – with the other panelists. Similarly, Joe Fleming replaced fellow St Andrews Revue member Amanda Litherland and quickly wooed the crowd with his sharp wit and constant quips. 

Other changes, most notably to the show’s atmosphere, also contributed to Bubble Bath’s increasing success. In the show’s debut, the panelists were positioned on stage, towering above rows of chairs stretching all the way to the back of the venue. In this set-up, audience members felt a slight disconnect between comedian and crowd, and perfectly funny jokes sometimes seemed to suffer as a result. Starkly contrasting the debut’s atmosphere, Venue One had been transformed for November’s show, taking on characteristics of a typical comedy club. The panelists had been moved from the stage to the floor of the venue, mere feet away from the newly-incorporated cabaret tables. The atmosphere had a much more intimate and relaxed vibe, encouraging audience reactions, suggestions, and, in one instance, the tamest and politest heckle known to the comedic world. With a better rapport between the panelists and the audience established, the comedians were clearly more confident and at ease from start to finish. Indeed, the show kicked off with the comedians’ highly dramatized entrance from below the stage, complete with billowing fog and dramatic music, which was met with much applause and laughter from the crowd.

Progressing and improving upon an already solid debut, Bubble Bath is arguably well on its way to becoming a highly anticipated monthly St Andrews tradition. Like sumptuous cheese, a fine wine, or Betty White, it’s clear a Bubble Bath only gets better with age.

Bubble Bath will return to Venue One for another night of wit and banter next term.

Images courtesy of S. Bukley, Everett Collection, and Mat Hayward. Compiled and edited by Kerri P.