Catwalk: Catching up with the models

After a yearlong hiatus, Catwalk is back with a vengeance and in anticipation of its revival, I caught up with 1st year model and creative team member Jessica Wooninck and sabbatical student model Chris MacRae, to find out a bit about the inner workings of the first fashion show of the St. Andrew’s season.

So what exactly is Catwalk?

Jessica: It’s a student-run fashion show that takes place during RAG week. We’re really down to earth and friendly and our socials have a great family feel to them!

Chris: It’s a 50/50 split of male and female models. This is the first one for two years; it was cancelled last year because of Club 601 being built, so this is sort of its revival.


This year is definitely Catwalk’s revitalisation, then! Is there a theme to the show?  

Chris: Yes, the theme is street style clothes and grunge but in the fashionable sense!

 That sounds quite 90s! So is the audition process to become a Catwalk model difficult?

Jessica: It was a runway style audition, quite competitive; we had to walk to the other end of a room, turn around and back again, just like it’ll be on the night.

Chris: Yeah it wasn’t too bad; I think it’s worse for girls, they have to sway their hips and walk in heels!

 Jessica, you’re on the creative team. What exactly does that entail?

Jessica: We deal with the decorations of the event venue, and the photoshoots and photo editing and media release. We also do marketing and sponsorship.

 I understand that the proceeds go to charity. Is there one charity in particular?

Chris: There are three, actually. The local one is St. Andrews’ own Nightline. The national and international charities are Maggie’s Cancer Care and UNICEF. Many of the clothes that the models wear come from local shops in St. Andrews too, so there’s a really great sense of giving back to the community.

 The show itself is followed by an after party, so with its enjoyable and hedonic atmosphere, as well as the support of communities and the local community of St. Andrews, Catwalk is an event not to be missed.