Christmas Ball: Preview

‘You’re a wizard Harry’ is the phrase I think we’ve all spent a good portion of our childhood waiting to hear. I mean we all came to University in St. Andrews; we might as well have Hogwarts in brackets on the prospectus. In the last couple of weeks, the myriad of Harry Potter beanies may have actually had you believing you were in the Hogwarts library. Unfortunately those beanies won’t be around for long, the clever Mermaids have been playing on our wildest Harry Potter fantasies. That’s right Christmas ball is nearly here, and this year the Yule Ball is coming to St. Andrews.


Christmas Ball is one of the best ways to celebrate the end of the semester, taking place at Kinkell Brye on the 29th November. This year the Mermaids are set to outdo themselves; promising chocolate fountains, mulled wine and butter beer alongside a whole host of other magical treats. All to the soundtrack of the Alleycats, Blueswater, Joe Jones and BBC Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson.

Get down to the union tomorrow for your first taste of the Mermaid’s Harry Potter wizardry at ticket sales. The Mermaids’ Christmas Ball is an annual sell out, with online tickets selling in less than 5 minutes, and actual ticket sales disappearing in two hours last year. Queuing from 6am is just an unfortunate penance you’ll have to pay for this truly magical night.

Though queuing doesn’t have to get you too down; the committee has worked hard this year to make ticket sales as much a part of the Christmas Ball experience as the actual event. Expect to find your acceptance letter to Hogwarts at the entrance to Club 601 and be eagerly ushered into the Great Hall, amidst floating candles and snowflakes. Performer’s from Music is Love and The Other Guys have been enlisted to serenade you through the morning. Rectors will be opening early at 7am to offer hot chocolate and free mince pies to keep the Christmas spirits high (and warm).

This will be my third year braving the Christmas Ball line, but I know as soon as I see the fairy lights at Kinkell all doubts over whether it was worth it will melt away. So just, drag yourself out of bed, wrap up warm and maybe download the Harry Potter audio book, if anything will get you through that Wednesday morning, it’s Stephens Fry’s Hermione voice.