Class Gift Campaign Video Released

The Class Gift is an effort run by students, encouraging graduating classes to support the University as they depart on new adventures. This year, they will will do so by helping to establish the Students’ Association Bursary Fund. Wherever you stand on the tuition fees debate, many agree that bursaries are vital to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds study in St Andrews. However, we know it's a lot to ask of soon-to-be graduates as they face the bleak job market ahead. That is why our fundraising target is much less important than getting as many people involved as possible. 

Last year's Class Gift surpassed its goal with 113 student donations and raising over £7,000 towards a scholarship fund and redevelopment. Building on this achievement, there is also potential for the Class Gift to bring together the graduating class to reflect on their time in St Andrews, and express solidarity for the financial burdens on the University as well as on students. This is slightly inspired by colleges in the US, where Class Gift campaigns often achieve 70-80% participation amongst their graduating class. 
This year, we've co-hosted a ceilidh during RAG Week, sold holiday cards and given away coffee outside the library. Now, we will begin the final stage of our campaign leading up to graduation week, when we will be doing raffles at the garden parties and hosting a viewing of Ever to Excel. We have also recently released our campaign video. We hope that people will consider donating in the spirit of the 600th and in celebration of what we love about St Andrews.

Title image courtesy of Kenishirotie. Edited by Kerri P.