Concrete Catwalk: Darker Nights Reviewed

It might be a case of watching a little too much Gossip Girl in my library breaks, but in the last few weeks I have been itching for the opportunity for a proper dress up. To don a pair of heels and an outfit that would fit in at neither a ball or the union. An outfit I could lift straight from Vogue and walk around St Andrews without a hint of overdressed embarrassment. Concrete Catwalk’s ‘Darker Nights’ provided the ideal opportunity for just that. On entering The Adamson, I found myself surrounded with a crowd of fellow fashion obsessives who not only embraced my Manrepeller outfit, but complimented it. And all with a cocktail in hand.

I’ve become a huge cheerleader for the Concrete Catwalk events. Adding a dash of big city glamour into our St. Andrews lives. The Adamson was turned into a bubbling bar where people mingled, sipping the custom cocktail ‘Concrete o’clock’ (sooo delicious) and complemented each others shoes. The event was by no means an original idea, but the committee has worked on fine tuning the sophisticated yet fun evening. The DJ helped to get the mood flowing, with chilled out mixes mingling with the bubbling of voices and chink of ice cubes.


The leather bracelets instead of a wristband were a genius idea. There is nothing worse than an eyesore of a wristband when you’ve spend a day coordinating your jewellery. The cookies dotted around the venue were a big winner for me (and somehow found their way into my handbag for the walk home). Cookies and cocktails, what better combination? With cocktails at £5, even my Halloween hangover wasn’t going to deter me from trying each one!

It wouldn’t be a Concrete Catwalk event without a little bar dancing. Taking to the marble Adamson bar top, the models showed of their moves and fur coats. The fur coats are now top on my Christmas wish list, especially with winter officially setting in. And it was refreshing to see a model show that actually kept the male models shirts on. While the bar top performance no longer has the same surprise factor it wowed us with last year, it still has a great effect as a finale for the night.

I can safely say, you can sign me up for Concrete Catwalk. What other event would offer a chilled drink (in both senses of the word) after the library, where my over the knee boots won’t be glared at in horror?


Photos courtesy of Concrete Catwalk