Concrete Catwalk’s ‘Dress to Impress’: Reviewed

It’s hard to believe that Concrete Catwalk has only been around for a year. The idea for it started the summer before last with Jamilah, the founder, looking to create something a little more inclusive in St. Andrews: ‘I wanted something that everyone could be on and could showcase the amazing style St. Andrew’s has’. In one year they have achieved 1,636 likes on Facebook, and become a household name in St. Andrews, and last Tuesday was their opportunity to celebrate!

They celebrated their 1st Birthday at The Adamson, with the dress code: dress to impress. I’d be lying if I said I threw my outfit together in less than five minutes, with a committee of sartorial photographers to impress, it took a good 40 minutes or me rifling through me floordrobe to uncover an outfit that was both effortless and trend savy. Though, as I approached the bauble gateway to The Adamson bar, I realised I had seriously underestimated the amount of ‘impressing’ that I was expected to do. My eyes were captivated by sequinned dresses, on point suits and slicked back hair styles (so as not to detract from the fabulous outfits, of course). Everyone got his or her chance to shine in front of the Concrete Catwalk camera as we were individually photographed on the way in.

The intimate setting of The Adamson suited the event well encouraging people to feel at ease as they mingled and chatted. The committee didn’t waste any time on excessive decorations, instead they cut straight to the heart of what Concrete Catwalk is, with photo’s from their past year hung across the room like bunting. The photos were fun to peruse while drinking the delicious free cocktail and munching away through the bags of ‘proper-corn’ scattered about. The combination of the cocktails and photos were great conversation starters for the night, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many in-depth discussions over the style in St. Andrews or about ‘who wore it best’.

My glass empty, it seemed time to try one the custom made cocktail for the event: ‘the concrete carouse’. On reaching the bar, I was slightly outraged to be told I would have to wait a bit for my drink, I didn’t understand no one else was being served, the bar was empty, why did I need to wait? The reason quickly revealed itself, as the lights dimmed, the music was turned up and out strutted Catwalk’s models on top of The Adamson’s bar. The Guerrilla Fashion Show added a fun, theatrical element to the evening and brought out the concept of individual style that is at the heart of Concrete Catwalk. The models for what must be the first time in St. Andrews were free to choose their own clothes that expressed themselves. The boy models were a slight cliché, appearing shirtless, but their blazer game must be commended: shout out to the guy working the modern take on a tweed jacket.

The event felt both decadent and cosy. I just wish there were more birthday parties like it in St. Andrews.