Concrete Catwalk’s ‘White Out’: Reviewed

Concrete Catwalk is slowly building up a reputation for some of the most stylish nights out in St. Andrews. This Tuesday played host to ‘White Out’, Concrete Catwalks second event of the year. The event soared very much under my radar, Concrete Catwalk has a unique way of filling their events with their fashionable fans. If you don’t follow their Facebook page or sartorially stalk one of their committee members, you could easily have missed the invite. Luckily at the last minute I spotted the event, spending Tuesday evening dressed up to the nines, ready to welcome spring to sunny Scotland, there seemed no better way to celebrate the end of essay deadlines.

The brief ‘white out’, whilst a fabulous theme that made for a remarkable sight in Mitchell’s, was not the easiest theme to dress for. Oddly enough white is not a particularly plentiful colour in my wardrobe, I don’t know whether to blame my ghostly complexion or the Scottish weather for that.  However, on entering Mitchell’s I realised that not everyone had had the same trouble as me with the dress code. Sweeping palazzo pants in cream, white sun dresses, spotless trainers, ivory stilettos, the guests all looked incredible. It was a delight to attend an event were everyone felt free to express their unique sense of style.

I am quickly becoming a big fan of Mitchell’s as a venue for cosy events. It’s dining space clears away to provide the perfect dance floor, with the DJ set up in the middle. The committee had done a great job in making the most of the space. Flower garlands were hung from the ceiling, tables were dotted around the dance floor, scattered with white petals, macaroons and chocolate buttons. The venue had the feel of a pristine VIP tent at a music festival. This feeling was added to as you were bestowed with a flower headband on entering.

While the event was small, the committee proved that it is better to throw an intimate quality event than a large mindless party. I felt like I was being welcomed to a close friend’s party (despite knowing only 1 person there). The committee were cheerful hosts presenting you with a free cocktail at the door, then urging you to try the macaroons from Almond and Meringue on the tables. Big shout out to those macaroons, they were delicious! On biting into a cookies and cream flavoured one I had to give a moment of silence, in shock, in awe, if I could have pocketed all the macaroons at the event without anyone noticing I would have.

Working my way around the event I inevitably found myself sat at the bar, deciding it was my duty as a reviewer to test drive the entire cocktail menu. While the Bellini left a little to be desired, the CC White had me hooked from the first sip. A concoction of Eden Gin, elderflower, mint and soda water, it was like the mojito’s trendier little sister. The only criticism I would have about the bar was the system of paying at the front counter then going to the back counter to have the cocktail made. This lead to endless confusion about who had ordered what drink. However, it did prevent the suffocating crush at the bar that can put anyone on a nigh-out in a bad mood.

The DJ and the table dancers were a great addition to the event, they brought a great energy to the dance floor. Yet, it quickly became clear that while Concrete Catwalk has nailed the sophisticated party vibe they still have a little way to go before they will be able to dominate a Tuesday night. They held their own till around 11.30, before the crowd headed onto Ma Bells. Still, I found it one of my best nights out this semester, I love a good excuse to dress up, and where else in town would you get the change to indulge in a free cocktail, heels, and free sweets for £10? Affordable but luxurious nights out were a gap in the St.Andrews nightlife that Concrete Catwalk has successfully filled.

Photos courtesy of Concrete Catwalk and Mitchell’s Deli.