As bedraggled and slightly hungover students drag themselves out of bed to face the bleak St Andrew’s drizzle, it’s easy to wish for a time travel machine to return to a gloriously sunny Freshers Week or even better, to lazy, sleep-till-noon summer days. Luckily for all those in denial, there remains one more chance to play hooky and break out those chic, festival-inspired outfits before the Scottish winter truly descends.

This Wednesday, September 17th, from 2-7pm, is DONT WALK’s opening event of the year, CROSSWALK! Enjoy some casual day-drinking, unlimited popcorn, and classic fairground rides (because there’s nothing quite as fun as spinning in circles after a few beers). This ambitious, innovative, and entertaining event will transform Kinkell Byre (a popular Christmas ball venue just a bus ride outside town) into a fantasy fun fair filled with exhilarating rides for those with iron stomachs and equally amusing activities such as pole jousting, an assault course, a high striker, and more for those planning to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Between trying your luck at carnival games and dancing your heart out to music played by some of the finest DJs in this here town, stop by one of the many delicious food trucks to refuel or stock up on free candyfloss and popcorn; nothing screams fairground like a sugar high. Bars will serve a variety of drinks including quality beers from our own St Andrew’s Brewing Company as well as spirits from Hawthorn’s gin so everyone can stay nice and hydrated while playing games to win a teddy bear for that special someone (or yourself in my case.) For anyone who feels slightly guilty over yet another day of frolicking – apparently we’re here to study- don’t worry! Proceeds from the event itself and raffles being held throughout the day go towards DON’T WALK’s chosen charity, the New York based Robin Hood foundation, which uses visionary practices in order to alleviate poverty in New York. So buy a ticket, enter a raffle, and do some good while also winning some great prizes. The event will have something for everyone and promises an amazing afternoon filled with catchy music, fun rides, good-but-not-good-for-you food, and lots of laughs with friends. For those with tickets, buses begin leaving outside Madras starting at 1:45pm. Be there on time because this will be a wild afternoon you don’t want to miss!