Delv App Launch

I’ve been in the library for 14 hours now and instead of watching people come and go, I see the same faces typing away, with a few more Starbucks cups littered around their work spaces. Pre-break deadlines are looming and I’ve decided my main goal this week is to avoid catching library-pneumonia.

Alex Blundell, the fabulous guy behind Owl Eyes’ website redesign, has a more important goal in mind – launching the app Delv with business partner, Jamie Gordon.

Alex took a little time out of his hectic schedule to tell us about Delv. 


OE: First, what is Delv and how did you come up with the idea?

Delv is a free app that allows students to find where the most hype is on a night out as well as the best deals around.

Jamie actually came up with the initial idea and it has evolved over time.

Until we sought other businesses to get involved, it was a side project but now it is our top priority.

OE: What makes Delv different from similar apps?

Delv scours Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to find out where people are instead of getting the user to check in at places.


OE: Aside from juggling business meetings and deadlines, what has been the biggest challenge of setting up a business as a student?

Jamie deals more with the business side and I’ve been developing the app, which hasn’t tied me down to a specific location.

OE: How did other businesses get involved?

We emailed around to different people and got a meeting with Chillingo’s co-founders (the men behind Angry Birds).

OE: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through the process?

Persist with your ideas. Jamie came to me with the idea and I told him I was a bit busy but then he mentioned it again and after persisting for the last 6 months we’ve been able to get involvement from other companies and get Delv off the ground;.

OE: Any unexpected obstacles you had to face?

Trying to get home every other week for meetings as well as the initial costs (ie licenses and making sure steps are taken to protect their work).

OE: What’s been the most fun?

Showing people the app and the meetings we had with Chillingo’s co-founders – they give us different ideas and we can show them the next week how we have improved the app.


OE: What are your goals for Delv?

The release will be in Manchester. From there, we’ll work on expanding to other big cities in the UK as well as developing an edition that’s compatible with Android phones.


Delv’s launch will be at Rehab, Birdcage in Manchester on March 19th! The app is free to download and especially for those hailing from Manchester, now is the time to download!


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