Don’t Walk 2016: Reviewed

After the success of the previous fashion shows I was curious to find out how DONT WALK was going to stand out from the others. With a string of excellent events held both last semester and this semester, DONT WALK’s annual fashion show in Kinkel Byre had a lot to live up to. As always, they did not let us down.

DONT WALK committed to their statement, “We combine the mediums of art, fashion, and performance to challenged all forms of structural inequality. We are unafraid and unbound by rules.” The dramatic opening that embodied both the music and theme of the show, got the audience hyped up for what else was to come. The first walk featured Elaine Hersby womenswear and Pakho Lee menswear, which embodied the the futuristic style that has been portrayed in a number of the DONT WALK events and photos this past year.

As someone who tries to pay attention to what is up and coming in the fashion industry I was in awe with what DONT WALK had to offer. The show featured a number of upcoming designers and of course no one can forget the pieces on show by high end British designer Vivienne Westwood. From head to toe the DONT WALK committee put thought into every aspect of what each model was wearing. There was a point in the show where model Natalia was dressed in designs by Vivienne Westwood and she was wearing her satchel a la New York fashion week S/S 16, sitting higher up on the waist. The attention to little details like this showed that the DONT WALK committee not only knows how to throw a good event, but also pays attention to the small things that often make an event a true success.

Other designers that came to my attention were Nicci James, Edeline lee, HFS, Heidi Klein and William Heflin. The Nicci James line included such geometric and colorful designs in both the clothes worn and the accessories, which added a very vibrant aspect to the show. Then there was the Edeline Lee collection, which featured a number of elegant outfits including the beautiful pink and red longline coat worn by model Mima and a red cocktail dress that had a geometric structure. The lingerie segment of the show opened with lingerie by HFS, featuring a red color architectural piece. In the second half of the show the male models took to the stage in underwear pieces by William Heflin, which allowed for a transition from a professional atmosphere to more of a party one.

Moving on from the designers the event would not have been without the choreography and the music that was pieced together. It is safe to say that both the creative, choreography and music team of the event really worked to highlight the clothes of the show.

The auction that was held during the interval of the show was very entertaining and well done by both Ashton Squire and Elizabeth Stockton. What was up for auction ranged from hotel spas, to Vivienne Westwood handbags, to a table at Oktoberfest 2016 and even a five-week internship with their main charity the Robin Hood foundation in New York.

The layout of the venue had such a big impact on the show and the DONT WALK team most definitely had every centimeter of the venue in mind. With the super VIP in the pit and the VIP on the outskirts of the stage and standard of the balcony of the Kingkell Byre. Having walked around the venue, it is safe to say with any ticket anyone had all were able to watch the show with comfort. However, of course everyone wants to be able to be as close to the stage as possible therefore after the interval of the show the standard ticket holders were allowed into the VIP section creating a much more party atmosphere.

With champagne flowing around the venue the DONT WALK committee had professionalism to the utmost degree making sure that models were safe on the catwalk by making sure that the catwalk was cleaned every time something was spilled. There is a fine line between professionalism and fun, it is safe to say that DONT WALK hit this line in just the right spot. When the show ended there was a long wait before the after party got started. This was something I was very much wary about as there was a big change that had to be done to the venue. The catwalk had to be dissembled and the barriers had to be put up for the OTTO KNOWS performance. However, even though it took a while to get this done it was again done with professionalism by the team pointing people towards the bars and the Blackhorn food truck.

OTTO KNOWS, is an up and coming performer of our generation, so I was very much excited to hear that he was headlining the event. As soon as the buses begun to arrive and people started to flow back into the venue it was safe to say that I was in for a good night. When OTTO KNOWS came to the stage and started to play the atmosphere really began to feel like an after party.

I think it is safe to say that DONT WALK 2016 definitely lived up to both mine and many other peoples’ expectations and I very much look forward to seeing what they have to offer in the upcoming years. From their choreography to their music and even their lighting committee, show was above and beyond any expectations I had.