DONT WALK Launch Party : Reviewed

The DONT WALK committee officially launched their 2016 campaign on Thursday night. When I first heard about the invite only event, I was a little apprehensive of the idea, however; upon arriving at the event I realised that this idea of exclusivity was not a bad thing as the evening ended up having an intimate feel to it.


As I walked up the entrance to Forgans it was noticeable that DW had made its mark on the place. With mannequins on either side of the entrance, sleekly dressed people walking into the event and the echo of the music coming from within the venue I knew the event was in full swing.


Upon entering I was welcomed by faces that were filled with excitement and music that made the event memorable. I was surprised to see Forgans transformed from its usual chilled vibe to one that was far more upbeat . I am not a big fan of many venues in St Andrews, however; I felt that DW had done well with the set up having places to sit and chat, a good sized dance floor and plenty of space (which many places in St Andrews lack). The one issue I did have with the venue was the bar. Getting a drink was a nightmare, but again DW committee provided alternatives to this problem with the Eden Mill Gin bar and the free Vita Coco Water that was supplied for those who were not drinking.


“DONT WALK celebrated the launch for its 2016 campaign in a new format with an intimate champagne reception, three course dinner and after party featuring Eden Mill Gin and DJ Ashton keeping the venue packed until closing. It was an amazing night and a great introduction for what is to come,” DW’s PR told us. I must agree with that: the crowd was loving the DJs throughout the night and the dance floor wasn’t empty for a second.

DW had a number of events leading up to their launch, making the launch something to look forward to and I was not disappointed with what DW had to offer. I’m very excited for what more is to come from the DW committee!