DONT WALK Official Launch Event: Reviewed

The DONT WALK 2018 launch was a spectacular night. This year, the committee chose the Old Course for the event. Guests of the models and committee were invited along for dinner and a couple hundred more were invited to the afterparty in the ballroom. The whole night was very extravagant – ensembles of silk and leather fluttered in the light on the dance floor, and an abundance of wine and Janetta’s ice cream bars put a smile on each face. The dinner guests arrived and mingled at the bar before dinner was served.

Once everyone was seated, the introduction video of the models was unveiled on the screen on one side of the room, and as it finished, to everyone’s surprise, a handful of the models began walking in from the other side of the room, decked out in incredible outfits by Cimone and Ink Studio by Igne. They walked onto the table and performed a short but seamless choreographed routine, and strut down the center of this central long table. This addition of a mini-catwalk set the launch apart from previous events, highlighting DW’s continued innovation and creativity as the years go on. Dinner was served, and many spent the time between courses standing and chatting between tables. Between the dinner and the afterparty, the musical arrangements were quite amazing. St Andrews’ own Matilda Lucas, Ferdinand Vermersch, and Jonathan Quow treated us to their remarkable voices in some original songs. The DJs that continued in the after party were great, choosing the right tunes for the chill vibe and keeping people dancing until the very end. All in all, this launch succeeded in getting everyone excited for the fashion show in February.

Photos by Sammi Ciardi and Harry Gunning for Ampersand Media.