Don’t Walk: The Fashion

The final fashion show before the break is fast approaching. Don’t Walk may be the last, but by no means least. Famous for pushing creative boundaries and recruiting an impressive line-up of talented designers. Victoria Skeie sat down with their Head of Fashion to get a sneak preview of what we can expect this Saturday at Kinkell.


Did the creative team have a particular vision in the planning of the fashion show?

Lee Walterman, the creative director puts together a theme and a vision that she hopes will come across in the show itself. This year’s theme is all about surveillance in society and how in the 21st century we have a new security paradigm. Some of the designers that we are featuring this year reflect that theme. Their collections are very much based off forward thinking ideas. For example, the way they are producing the clothes and the themes they are choosing to represent in the clothes. So there are certain designers that fit that theme. And there are other designers that just have a very interesting background that we are very keen to promote as well.

Are you concerned with ethical clothing?

Yes, one of our designers for this year are called Fair Harbor clothing. They focus on bathing suits, and the very cool thing about them is that they are made out of recycled water bottles. So having ethically sourced products is something that Don’t Walk is trying to bring in. We are very socially conscious of our impact and the world around us and how we can seek to promote change in the show itself. That is one of our young designers that will be very interesting to see, as they are all about that ethically sourced production process.

 Was it a selective process picking designers?

It is kind of a mixture. Because of the way the show is set up there is always a merging of established fashion houses and then some new student designers and upcoming designers. Because of that it is somewhat a selective process because it is a mixture of the two. For our younger designers it is always exciting for them to be showcased in the same show as some of the bigger fashion houses. So it is much more selective on that end. For the bigger fashion designers, including Vivienne Westwood, it is all about how their clothing and collections can try to fit with what we do with our theme and the charity as well. So it is about the impact they can have, the number of people who come to the show and those who choose to bid on certain auction items.


Can we expect any of the clothes to be up for auction?

Can’t exactly reveal that, but what I can reveal is that we have some exciting things up our sleeves to look forward to.

Since you mentioned you have some new talent from New York, was that inspired by Don’t Walk’s early past with New York?

To an extent. We always try to have an international base of designers. This is a strength that we have because St Andrews is so international, but also the Don’t Walk team is also very international. So we do seek to promote designers from New York, but also the rest of the world. But one of the designers Colleen Alan is actually a student. So for us it is very exciting to promote other students and their work as well as ours.

What are the big names that we can look forward to seeing?

So, like we mentioned, there is Vivienne Westwood, we have Heidi Klein, Amanda Wakeley, as well as Antoine Meyer who is a German menswear designer. It is quite varied. Those are just a few of the big names, so hopefully the show will be very exciting.

What can we expect from Vivienne Westwood?

It is a mixture of women and menswear; they are providing a few different looks for us. The pieces are from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Which is all about climate revolution. Which is great because it ties back into some of the other designers that we have spoken about. It’s going to be really cool to have those new pieces. The clothes are coming up for the weekend before heading to Milan for a show there.


Will any of the designers be present at Don’t Walk? 

There are a few young designers that are coming to the show. There are also a couple of team members from Vivienne Westwood who are coming up. There are a couple more coming like Søren Fantini who designs waterproof polos.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing the newest trends in lingerie upfront – what has Don’t Walk prepared for us this year?

I won’t get too much in the details yet, but Don’t Walk is all about pushing the boundaries and remaining tasteful at the same time. So it will be in that category. But as always a little controversial. One of the designers is Belle et Bonbon.

Finally, can you shed some light on that troubling question: what should people wear to Don’t Walk?

I always find that Don’t Walk is the place where you can get away with pushing the trends and boundaries. It is all about being comfortable and showing off what you are about. Don’t Walk is where all the fun colors come out, it is not all black and white.