DRA/FP Ball Reviewed

Being handed a drink and a lei upon walking into a ball is always a good sign. For the David Russel Apartments and Fife Park’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” ball, that was only the start of a fantastic night. The organisers included staple features like Jannettas Ice Cream and great decor, while incorporating unique ideas such as shisha, glitter tattoos, and leis: a flawless mix for a night to remember.


Before I say anything else, I’d like to mention that the coatroom staff members deserve immense praise. Their service was extremely efficient and helped maintain the flow of guests into the venue. Upon entry, guests were given a sangria topped with a neon drink umbrella and were encouraged to don their flower leis to heighten the night’s magical theme. Colourful streamers hung from entryways and added vibrancy to every room. All in all, charming and captivating décor that only added to the magic of the evening.


While the shisha seemed a little out of theme, it was a great addition to the ball and guests loved it. Events don’t often have features as unique as a shisha tent, so it truly set the ball apart from other big nights in St Andrews. However, my favourite part of the night was the food (of course.) Having Blackhorn’s at the event, with slightly cheaper prices than at the store, was a fantastic idea and I highly recommend keeping this aspect of the ball for future years. Jannettas Ice Cream is always a favourite and, while some people missed the ice cream tent because of how busy the main venue was, those who found it were thrilled to have Jannettas back after its many weeks of refurbishment, even if only for one night.


The photobooth was also a crowd-pleaser and it was fun to capture favourite moments with friends before taking to the dance floor. The music, however, was what truly completed the night. DJ SAUNIT was a success, as per usual; The Other Guys and John Doe Etc showcased local talent; finally, Beat a Maxx exceeded our already high expectations, keeping guests glued to the dance floor until sore feet and messy hair forced them to take a break.


The night was dazzling, and the decor and overall atmosphere suited the theme perfectly. There was very little room for improvement, as the coordinators did an outstanding job. Some feedback from guests included comments regarding the lack of signage for the Jannettas stand and the slight over-crowdedness, but these were minor details that didn’t affect the general experience of the event. My suggestions for guests next year are to buy a 9pm ticket; while it is nice to have longer pre-drinks, the free drinks and leis were long gone by the time the 11pm guests arrived. Another tip: wear comfortable shoes. The dance floor was so energetic and with the amount of guests that were there, it is much easier to partake in the liveliness if you are in shoes you can actually move around in. Overall, the ball coordinators outdid themselves in catering to guests’ expectations and throwing together an event that maintained the theme without having it feel tired and overdone. This was definitely one of my favourite nights of the year and I would highly recommend attending next year!