Five Songs To Help You Work

You can’t listen to Rihanna without wanting to belt out the lyrics at the top of your lungs. You can’t listen to Mumford & Sons, or the Kings of Leon, or even the Pocahontas soundtrack without drifting off into a daydream. My rule is as simple as this: music with words will distract you. Want to know why you have only written 200 words in the past four hours? You’ve been singing along to Colours of the Wind, that’s why.

Owl Eyes have come up with their choice of songs to help you concentrate. Melodies that will lull you into a meditational state of focus that not even the noisy crisp-eater next to you in the library will be able to disturb. Film soundtracks are ideal, with recognizable melodies, yet a blissful lack of words. You won’t even need a can of Red Bull to help you along the way. Just click the title to listen….

Dawn by Dario Marianelli

The perfect start to the day: 3000 words to go and Marianelli’s tunes, made to accompany Pride & Prejudice, leave you feeling pretty fresh. He also composed the soundtrack for Atonement, appropriate if reading about war is on the cards for you today.

January Rain by David Gray

It’s raining and your attention has turned from the computer screen to the water sliding down the library window pane. Why does dripping water seem so much more interesting when you have another 2000 words to write?

Ghostwriter by RJD2

You’re getting into the swing of it now; words are rolling out of your fingertips, like a poet inspired by the gods. Ignore those Facebook notifications in your peripheral vision. They’ll just lead you down the deadly road of scrolling inanely through your newsfeed, a surefire motivation killer.

Winter: Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi

With enough drama to rouse you from your mid-afternoon slump, Vivaldi will guarantee you an extra 1000 words, if you let him. Each screech of the violin will instill in you that sense of urgency that has been lacking for the past four months, making each sentence just that little bit more exciting.

Dead Already by Thomas Newman

The light at the end of the tunnel; the final paragraph is within sight. You know you can push out those final few hundred words. Just think of that cold beer waiting for your at the pub, and let Newman’s beat take you there.

If you haven’t discovered Grooveshark already, then now is the time to do so. Type in these songs and you can wave procrastination goodbye. If you’re still reading this, you’ve wasted enough time already. Get back to work.