Fresher’s Guide: Nights out in St. Andrews

Approaching your third week in St. Andrews there are a few important decisions you will have to make: are the modules you picked right for you? Should you purchase a Barbour jacket? Most importantly what will become your regular nights out? Well to help you, we’ve put together a run down of nights out in St. Andrews.


This is generally a night of rest, a time to head to Brew co. or Aikman’s for a cheeky pint and celebrate getting through the first day of the week.


A night typically owned by Ma Bells; the drinks can be expensive, but the DJ’s are keen to play all the crowd pleasers. If your night out attire usually includes a velvet suit jacket, then pencil this night in immediately.


Sinners’ is a staple of St. Andrews student life. Whether you are on a sports team or not, this night at the union is legendary for its ability to soundtrack your awful decisions in the catchiest possible way.

However, as an alternative for those looking for a chilled drink, and some live student music check out the Open Mic Nights at the Byre, hosted fortnightly by Music is Love.


It’s usually an idea to prepare yourself for heading to the cosy dance floor of 1 Golf Place. So far this semester it has/will be taken over by Under Canvas and Star Radio. Keep your eye on Facebook to see what events will be popping up throughout the year.


If you’ve not headed out on at least one Friday night during this semester, I’m sorry, but I think you’re doing University wrong. With a smorgasbord of venues to choose from will you visit the S.A.S night at Ma Bells? Wait in the queue for the Vic? Give in to P.U.L.L at Club 601 or brave the cheesy tunes of the Lizard?


I’d advise finding a friend with a fondness for hosting house parties or dinner parties. This is a night reserved for actual townspeople: while they’ll welcome the students with open arms, your Friday hangover and memories of last night’s mistakes may make venturing into town on a Saturday night a little less attractive.


The week is over, and the craziest thing you should be doing is deciding whose room or flat should host the Downton Abbey screening.