Freshers’ Guide: St Andrew’s Style Staples

For many of you, the East Fife winter will be quite the experience. Some days you’ll see 4 different kinds of weather, including both sleet and glorious sunshine. Other days, you’ll be blown off your feet and soaked through from the tough coastal weather. Never fear, however, as we have prepared this handy guide featuring the main style essentials you’ll be needing for this winter in St andrews essentials: jumper




First off, everyone needs a good jumper. Whether it’s one that was knitted by your granny (or by yourself if you’re super crafty), a good comfy jumper can’t go amiss. If you are a comfortable, casual type of person, think slouchy and baggy. It’ll be your go-to outfit, especially on a hungover Saturday. If you would like something a bit smarter, the grey jumper above is fitted and flattering, perfect for any lecture or lunch date.


st andrews essentials: bag



A good bag is so essential at university. You have so much stuff to carry around with you, from lectures, to the library to society meetings, you need to be able to keep all your important things safe in one place. Therefore, a good bag really is an investment and if you splash out, it’ll last you a long time. A backpack is the perfect choice for those practical people who like a comfortable and reliable bag, and a hands free option. Some over the shoulder bags are so spacious and can become like Mary Poppins’ bag with all the stuff you can fit in there, so don’t pick one of them if you’re a hoarder (like me) or you’ll just carry loads of junk around with you all the time.


st andrews essentials: beanie



Not to sound too much like your mum, but you do lose so much heat through your head. So when it gets really cold here in Fife, you’re going to need a big woolly hat to keep warm. Go for one with a pom pom if you want to stand out a bit more. Or for something more low key, think a simple fisherman’s knit in a subdued colour like navy or grey. Whatever kind of hat you pick, you’ll just be glad you have it because it’ll keep you all nice and warm.


st andrews essentials: coats



The right coat really can be the best thing to add to an outfit. Plus, it’ll help be a true essential when it gets much colder around here. Whether its a trench style, a wrap or an oversized coat, the thicker and cosier the better. If you can get your hands on a big thick sheepskin coat, even better! I have one from a charity shop and it’s a life-safer on the coldest of winter days here. Sometimes it’s easy to stick to muted colours as they do go with most outfit combinations, but it can also be really fun to have a bright waterproof coat so definitely consider that when shopping around for the best coat for you!


st andrews essentials: boots



Boots are a big necessity for winter in St Andrews. There will be tons of puddles everywhere, and boots also look great with most outfit combinations. This AW, boots combined with cigarette trousers are set to be a real winner. I also absolutely love my Doc Martins with skinny jeans tucked in, and they are great quality boots and last for ages! Whatever kind of boots you choose, leather or something similar is definitely a better call than going for soft suede because it is pretty certain that you’ll get wet feet at least once before Christmas. Remember to think about comfort too for walking on all the cobbles around this lovely town.