Freshers’ Week Feature: DONT WALK x bpm music collective Opening Event

To all new students, welcome to the Bubble! For the returners, you all know that Freshers’ Week is the time to reconnect with friends after the break and kick off the semester with a bit of dancing and imbibing.  What better way to welcome in the start of term than a night out with DONT WALK?

For those of you who are first time St Andreans, DONT WALK is one of the several student-run charity fashion shows that takes place in the spring semester.  DW are known to have a more edgy, artistic approach to the runway shows that are so common in our little town, with captivating choreography and a whole DW Music team coming up with fresh tracks to play at their promotional events as well as at the big show.

If you want to rub shoulders with the people of DW to see–and hear–what they’re all about, their launch event is the perfect place to do so.  On Wednesday the 13th of September, DW is hosting a cocktail evening with chill jazz vibes at the Adamson from 6pm ‘til late. Entry is free and no tickets are required! The first two hours of music will consist of a live acoustic performer, followed by a jazz and blues mix by DWxBPM.  They will be providing a special DW £5 cocktail menu, as well as a blind tasting for guests upon arrival.  Every attendee will receive a complimentary Grappa Negroni and a spirit vendor (yet to be confirmed) will be hosting a pop-up tasting, so there will definitely be plenty of libations to fuel the night.

If you’re still in the party mood, join DW for a night at the Vic immediately following. Entry for this is £5 on the door–which may seem a bit steep–but in my experience every DW Music event I’ve been to has been a massively good time and I think it’s definitely worth the price. The night ends at 2am and will be DJ’ed by bpm music collective as a collaboration with DW.

This event is just a taster of what is to come in the following year. If you’re keen for a great night out, don’t miss it!

For further information, check out DONT WALK’s Facebook and website, as well as DW Music’s Soundcloud.

 All images courtesy of DONT WALK.