FS2014: Reviewed

Last night saw the climax of St Andrews’s fashion show storyline, fulfilling – nay, exceeding – the expectations a naïve fresher like myself had prepared in the event’s buildup. As one who has yet to enter the luminous orb of St Andrews fashion shows, the anticipation was especially high.

Guests were welcomed by miniature bottles of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne before tottering down to Lower College Lawn, which was entirely transformed to an unrecognizably dazzling venue. It came as no surprise that attendees were polished and well dressed, staying true to St Andrean form.


The night began with an absolute smasher of an opening sequence. The choreography was impeccably timed with the music, which played an auxiliary role in the performance. The music enhanced the experience, complementing rather than distracting from the show.


Models, whose striking and unconventional looks enraptured the crowd, paraded the catwalk with names like Hackett, East Club, Topman, Saunt & Sinner and 21st Century Kilts. Meanwhile, I had a hard time negotiating the floor itself. I fell, three times. The models’ seriousness was remarkable, and their ability to remain focused amongst the boisterous crowd – brimming with the effects of having consumed a glass or seven of champagne and Chambord – highlighted  the level of professionalism FS so artfully embodies.


The evening peaked during the show itself, which I rightfully presume was much to the satisfaction of the committee. The show seamlessly blended into a rousing after party, but it was nearly impossible to maintain and recreate the palpable energy fostered by the show. The venue was quite large, with ample room to move around, although perhaps there were too few attendees to fill the space comfortably. Additionally, the lack of food available was a bit disappointing; watching a slew of physically immaculate models sure works up an appetite for some cheesy chips.


The night reaffirmed just how much talent lies throughout this town of three streets. The event was wildly impressive from both a logistical and artistic standpoint, and was executed with optimum professionalism. FS is a true fixture of the St Andrews social experience, and a truly remarkable exhibition of creativity.

Editor’s Note: Taking the opportunity to trade my stilettos for flats during the intermission, I danced through FS’s whole after party lineup (which included John Christian, ACB, Stanislaw and Alimog) and couldn’t have been more grateful to cap off the night with a Buffalo Chicken Wrap (I’m not sure I could’ve found my way to the taxis without it). Huge props to the FS committee for a fun and flawlessly executed night.

Images courtesy of FS and Lightbox.