For the second time, the Hall of Champions at the Old Course was transformed into a glittering paradise by the LGBT Society. In this way, GLITTERBALL certainly lived up to its name. From the very beginning, a table in the corner provided lucky guests with five large bowls of pure and undiluted glitter. By the end of the night this glitter was everywhere.

When I got to the Old Course, I initially struggled to find the correct door, as guests were expected to go directly into the Hall of Champions and not through the main entrance. This caused some confusion and I would have liked a bit more signposting. Despite this, I did eventually find it.

Upon arrival at the pre-event which was for VIP ticket- holders only, I was handed a glass of pink bubbly. Unfortunately this was before I had even had the chance to take off my coat. In a side room, which I later I discovered was the VIP room, there was a musical act performing. I arrived at 8:30 so that I would be fashionably late, and not the first person there. By the time I finished looking for the cloakroom (I know there was one, but I never found it) the musical act I had noticed at the start had already finished and Just So society was singing. From Blank Space to In Summer, the music was great and, as always, Just So delivered a stellar performance. Once 9pm came around, non-VIP ticket-holders started arriving, and the bubble machine at the door was turned on again. It had been turned off when I arrived, but from that point on there was bubbles as well as glitter. That’s also when I noticed the red carpet, which was a great addition to the event.

The trickle of guests arriving kept the main room nice and cool, as the door opened right into the Hall of Champions. By 10pm there was quite a sizable crowd of people enjoying the fantastic music. From the start, the dance floor was the most popular location in the room, which showcased some impressive dancing and still offered enough space to get involved. During the performance of the jazz band, the dance floor never emptied, and it stayed full throughout the Alleycats entire performance.

Thanks to the committee of LGBT Society, the half-hour division of the night made sure that the ball did not stagnate. From great performances by Taylor Huxley and Tom Harlow to the MTV Divas, the pattern of half an hour live show then half an hour iTunes playlist worked really well and kept people on the dance floor until the music stopped and the lights went on promptly at 00:30.

Additionally, the waffles made by the Fine Food and Dining Society from about 9pm onwards gave those of us who, like me, needed an 11pm snack at the ball a cheap (£1 for a waffle). Unfortunately the second waffle maker broke so the queue was quite long, putting off some guests. But that just added to the anticipation and the waffles were well worth the wait!

All in all, I’m sure everyone would have loved another hour on the dance floor but GLITTERBALL was certainly a night to remember – by the glitter that went home on everyone’s hair, faces and clothing – and LGBT Society pulled off a great event.