Harvest Throwback: Preview

The usual Throwback Thursday that takes over the Vic every few weeks has had a makeover. This Thursday, enjoy a night out AND do something to help those less fortunate. I spoke to Ashton Squires, the resident DJ for Throwback Thursday at the Vic to find out all about Harvest Throwback, the event where the entry fee is some donated food that will be given to a local food bank!


Owl Eyes: Where did the idea come from to do Harvest Throwback?


Ashton: One of the managers at The Vic, Stephanos Kontos, approached me with the idea and I absolutely loved it. With Stephanos being a local in the town for a couple years now he’s realised how generous the student body is and saw great potential in an event like this. Off the previous success of Throwback Thursdays we knew it would be a great platform to launch this new style of event.


OE: What can people expect from the night?


AS: A night to remember! Throwbacks always get rowdy and its amazing to be in the middle of it all. From S Club 7 to The Backstreet Boys, Vanessa Carlton to the Fresh Prince of Bel-air expect a night of constantly screaming, “I remember this song!”.


OE: What food bank are you donating to and how can anyone else who would like to donate to them do so?


AS: We decided to partner with a fantastic food bank called Storehouse which is located in St. Andrews. They’ve been providing food and toiletries to those most vulnerable in north east Fife since 2006. These guys truly are amazing! For anyone wanting to drop off further donations you can go to The Vineyard Centre (just opposite the firestation on Largo Road). Their website is http://storehousenefife.org.uk to find out more information.


OE: Which DJ would you most like to work with and why?


AS: Ooh a toughie! If I could work with Fatboy Slim that would be amazing, he was the first dance music guy I remember hearing so I’d love to learn from him.


OE: Three words to describe Harvest Throwback? 


AS: Fun, nostalgic and for a great cause.


OE: Finally, what sort of food would be good to bring?  


AS: Anything that has a long shelf life is perfect. So canned foods, pasta, cereal etc. At the moment they are very low on coffee and pasta sauce so either of those two would be especially great.


Find the event on Facebook here, and come along on Thursday 19th to enjoy a really nostalgic night, and help out a great cause!


All images sourced from Pinterest.