With the first week of revision almost through, we are all needing a bit of a break. Something that can relax our minds if only for a few hours and so that is why you should look no further than the annual DanceSoc show. I sat down with Kayley Donnelly, the creative director of this year’s show, and she let us in on the secrets of the show. I was surprised to discover the show features twenty-one dances with over 150 dancers performing. ‘There is such diversity in the styles and music in this year’s show’ Grace Turner, DanceSoc Show Convener, tells me. With something for everyone, there is contemporary, jazz, hip hop and even highland!


This year the show is titled Hit the Lights and DanceSoc teachers have really played with this theme. Some dancers feature the idea of flickering and flames, while others play with the stardom of performers such as Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. Kayley told me that the theme was ‘inspired from that moment when the lights come up and the excitement for both the dancers and audience begins’. The moment that you hit the lights is that moment where the dancers and audience are fully visible and can connect through movement and music. So come along and see the show and see if you feel that exciting moment where the darkness of the stage changes to a beautiful scene of dancers.

With three shows this year DanceSoc is ready to impress. I asked Kayley what she was most excited for which she responded to with ‘Well it is hard to choose just one part, but I am most excited for the Advanced Jazz and their transformation into Beyoncé. However, there is such a wide variety of styles showcased and such contrast between all the dances, styles, and dancers’. Just hearing her explain the different styles and meanings behind each dance made me want to get my ticket! So take that revision break and see an amazing show, you have three chances so there really isn’t an excuse. I wish the best of luck to all the dancers performing and give early congratulations to the DanceSoc members for what will be a memorable show!

Show Dates: May 2nd @ 7:30pm, May 3rd @ 2:00pm and 7:30pm

Limited Tickets at the Door: £5 student/concession, £7 adult