House of Horror 2017 Dreamland: Reviewed

This year House of Horror upped the ante with their Dreamland Amusement Park themed event. The ever trustworthy St. Andrews venue of Kinkell Byre was transformed into a replica of the greatest amusement park in history, Dreamland in Coney Island, New York. In 1911, a ride called Hell Gate burst into flames, rendering Dreamland no more by the morning. The Dreamland of 1911 had everything conceivable, from lion tamers and rail roads; and on 31st October 2017, House of Horror introduced new elements to their event such as fairground rides, carnival games and shots upon entry, bringing Dreamland back to life and making House of Horror 2017 the best yet.

With a ticket to House of Horror, guests were treated to round-trip coaches. There they were met in their fancy dress costumes by shots on entry and food stands. Classic fairground tokens could be bought in exchange for cash and treats such candyfloss, toasties and doughnuts which could be bought from authentic stalls, meaning the theme of the 1911 Dreamland Amusement Park was channelled effectively.

For guests seeking more terror, House of Horror 2017 featured the new addition of fairground rides. This valued addition added a new kind of scary to the night, where guests could always find another adrenaline rush waiting for them on the rides outside. The largest ride ever to come to Kinkell was waiting to welcome you, if you dared, and there was also a Haunted Circus which was like something out of a dream that you may try to forget. This meant the elation and exhilaration of the night never decreased as guests could always find a way to increase their breathing and heart rate.

It should not be forgotten how the House of Horror committee took our needs into consideration by incorporating a Dervish stand amongst their array of traditional fairground food stalls. This meant that we didn’t even need to travel back to St. Andrews and wait in line to get it and the gesture was widely appreciated.

It is well known that there is little variation regarding venues for events in St. Andrews, meaning Kinkell Byre is always the venue people fall back on.  However, on the night of House of Horror, the often overheard lament of a St. Andrews student in their second, third or fourth year of “Kinkell Byre is getting old and boring” was rendered inane. This event added many new dimensions into one night. There was always something to increase your energy and a new element of horror around every corner meaning guests could not possibly get bored.

Photos by Maddy Bazil for Lightbox St Andrews.