House of Horror Launch Event Reviewed

Having sold out online in just a few days, all you could hear up and down our three streets was people either excited about the House of Horror launch party, or annoyed they hadn’t clicked that Fixr link and snapped one up. Everyone arrived with high hopes, anticipation and curiosity about what the spooky evening would entail. The event was the launch of the annual House of Horror Halloween event, which will be held in Kinkell Byre on October 31st in support of the Charity Impact Arts. After Tuesday night’s fun, the main event should not be one to miss.

Fresh from a dinner at their sponsor restaurant Mammacita, the committee and friends arrived to the Rule to find an already huge queue and very full dance floor. If you arrived early enough, you were lucky to be greeted with a candy floss shot. The committee was easy to spot as their aesthetic was cool with black clown make-up and all-white outfits. Even easier to spot was the actual clown who was roaming around The Rule scaring guests and reminding them of the theme of the event: Dreamland. Harking back to a 1911 Coney Island theme park, the black and white stripes and balloons adorning The Rule’s balcony were nicely done and this creative theme and Halloween spin gave the space more life.

The music was provided by an array of DJs, and in a refreshing change to Ma Bell’s Tuesdays (RIP) the dance floor could be used without the guests melting. Unfortunately the dance floor was not as full as the night went on, but that just meant more space for the hardy remaining dancers. The Rule can be a difficult venue to use successfully; too full and the mixing of the dance floor and bar queue becomes frustrating, too empty and it’s noticeable. However, there was a good balance–guests could dance, drink and be spooky all night long.

Some might say it is too early for Halloween celebrations, but the committee’s clever marketing campaign and post-freshers timing made this event very successful. In advance of the actual event there are bound to be more campaigns both online and on the streets to look forward to, so keep your eyes peeled.

Look out for ticket sales happening soon, and watch out for clowns.

All photos by Marcella Denby, courtesy of the House of Horror Charity Gala.