House of Horror: Preview

Halloween’s drawing near and so is one of October’s hottest events: House of Horror. The very first Halloween ball in St. Andrews is fully sold out and now coming to life. Owl Eyes interviewed Caitlin Craig, co-president to the event, to try and squeeze as many secret details, surprises, and expectations for the night out of her as possible. 

Can you describe the event in just 3 words?

Different, creative, thrilling!

So, what is it all about?

House of Horror celebrates Halloween, takes place at Kinkell Byre and will host 500 people. We want everyone to have fun and experience Halloween fully! Everybody is going to be in costume and we’ve got a haunted house for our guests. The event will raise funds for Elephant Family, a small charity that helps rescue Asian Elephants. The entire night is now finally coming together and it’s going to be a great experience for everyone. House of Horror will add a lot of diversity to the events in St. Andrews.

What inspired you to create the event?

When Natalie, the other co-president, and I met last year, she mentioned that on her bucket list was throwing a really great Halloween party. I loved the idea, especially since there is no Halloween event in St. Andrews. We decided we could do it together and from then we started planning the event. We’re excited to see how everybody picks up on it!

You mentioned it’s for Elephant Family. How did you choose this charity?

We realized there are not a lot of charity events in St. Andrews for animals, so we approached Elephant Family with the idea. They were really excited about it – they thought it was a great way to spread awareness through us. They’ve been great the entire time! As a rather small organization, they’re there to help us a lot.

Is there anything elephant themed at the event?

You’ll have to wait and see.

What makes House of Horror special?

A lot of people haven’t experienced a full Halloween event – it’s a lot more celebrated in North America. We’ve tried to bring in as many exciting parts of Halloween as we could into House of Horror, starting with the Haunted House. The team working on the Haunted House have outdone themselves, as it’s completely over the top. Our sponsors, Snow Queen vodka are donating vodka so everyone will have plenty of drinks at the event!

Can you reveal one of the surprises from the gala, for our readers?

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled throughout the night, there will definitely be surprises that we haven’t advertised! (Editor's note: we tried guys!)

What about the visuals?

Because we’re holding it a Kinkell, where a lot of events take place, we’ve tried to make it as different as possible. It’s a completely distinctive event – visually, we couldn’t have exaggerated it more. We cut off half the dance floor, so it feels more intimate and we have a huge area for our Snow Queen. Snow Queen Vodka ran a contest and selected a Snow Queen from the University for the night.

Who is sponsoring the event?

Snow Queen is an organic vodka, with 28 taste awards. They are a small company, but their vodka is outstanding and they were great helping us, they’ve been with us through the entire process. Our other sponsor is Curiosity, on South Street, who were also very nice providing us props and decorations. Because we’re quite a unique event, it is a great fit with a curiosity shop.

Is it going to be scary?

People will definitely be very scared going into the Haunted House. It will also be interesting, there are different sections in the House, so there is a little bit for everyone! For decorations we also worked with a local farmer to provide our pumpkins for the night – it’s great to be able to use local products!

It’s Halloween! Do you have any costume tips or advice?

From what I can take, people are really going all the way out with their costumes. If you haven’t started getting one now it would be the time to do so! There will be different costume competitions, so make sure to be as creative as you can with yours!

House of Horrors appears to have a lot in store for its guests, so expect an intriguing, exciting or maybe even eerie night. You can find more details on the event’s website or Facebook page