House of Horrors is Back from the Grave

On a chilly October night, a week before Halloween, Kinkell Byre was completely transformed into something out of our Halloween dreams and nightmares. After the short bus ride out to Kinkell Byre, guests were taken into another world filled with cobwebs, gore, and general spookiness. Upon entering House of Horror: Back from the Grave, guests were greeted with blood shots (particularly potent vodka cranberries) and fake severed hands hanging from an awning, which is overall a perfect welcome to a Halloween party.


The committee made excellent use of the ample space provided at Kinkell, putting cobwebs and gravestones and other creepy objects all around. There were also some couches, which were a nice addition at an event that typically wouldn’t need to have as much seating as other Kinkell events do. The three expertly made up and costumed actors wandering around looking generally frightening were a wonderful addition to the ambiance. Though at times it was easy to simply mistake them for fellow partygoers seeing as how they did not actively try to scare anyone.


Around eleven or so, the event truly got underway as the latecomers caught the last few buses over to the venue. Personally, I thought the event was just perfectly crowded. It wasn’t empty enough that one noticed it but it also wasn’t as crowded as other major events at Kinkell, which can be more than a little overwhelming and detract from the experience. The dance floor was easily the most crowded part of the venue, and with good reason. The DJ booth, which churned out track after track of fun music, was situated so it was in the middle of the floor rather than off to the side, which was a unique and welcome addition. The VIP section of the event was also fun as it had its own separate DJ and a candy bar, which is always bound to be a hit. However, it was a bit weird that the section closed at midnight, especially when most people didn’t arrive until eleven.

One of the best parts of the event was simply seeing the many different costumes that people showed up in. As always, there were many sexy cats, but there were also more creative costumes, like dead cheerleaders or Disney princesses, aliens, and others with expertly applied gory makeup. Overall, House of Horror: Back from the Grave was a success. It was a spooky and fun night that was sure to be remembered.



Images courtesy of Lightbox