Let’s put a label on Label

I assume most students were excited to see how Label would turn out. St Andrews throws a lot of fashion shows, and everyone was anticipating how Label would compare to the likes of Catwalk, Sitara, FS and Don’t Walk. Would it be as good, as big, or as fun? When I entered Club 601 on the night, greeted with a glass of free wine, I realized that Label should not be compared to anything else. Just like the show encourages us not to compare ourselves to others either, but be proud of who we are and what we stand for independently from others.

Label has a very clear aim, which is to celebrate beauty across gender, sexuality, physical diversity and mental health. The committee worked hard prior to the show to express these values and to create their own identity as the only body positive fashion in St Andrews by launch events and model photo shoots. On the night, they definitely managed to pull it all together and stay true to their aims and goals. Half of the proceeds would be donated to the mental health charity Mind, the other half will go to funding for next year’s fashion show.

After the wine reception and people had gotten settled and started mingling, the lights were dimmed and the music started playing. People gathered around the stage and started cheering as the models came out. The show alternated between sets of clothing, and independent model catwalks. Each model had recorded what Label meant to them, and talked about their own personal experiences with identity. Although this did break up the music and did not flow perfectly, it was really nice to see the model as a real person, instead of a social icon. The crowd was very supportive and cheered for every model. It is strange that so much effort needs to be put into celebrating normal beautiful people – but I am glad that Label did!

Next year, I hope to see which clothes are on stage when being modelled. Although there was a screen on the wall, which could have been utilized for this, I suspect there was an array of clothing on stage at the same time making this difficult. However, it would make it easier to do some online shopping afterwards!

After the show ended, the after party started. I’m used to having to leave an event to wait for the after party to begin, or see the ugly clean up whilst being there. My biggest applause to Label would be the extreme clever and efficient clean up! As the fashion show ended, people were shown the way into the second room, with a bar and band set up, and then a wall was created between the two rooms. This way, the party continued without hassle, with a live band, Pink Eye on Picture Day.

So what label should we put on label? I think Label deserved many labels. It was refreshing, it was body positive, it inspiring, and finally it was liberating!

Photos by Lorelei Pfeffer for Label Fashion Show