Live and Let Dance: Reviewed

Many events in St Andrews get sold out in the first few minutes they are released. However, there are also a number that do not get enough recognition at all just because they belong to smaller societies. This past weekend I attended Dance Societies Ball, ‘Live and Let Dance’ and I was very impressed with what was to offer.


The ball was held in Younger Hall, which is very different to other balls in St Andrews. I personally have never attended a ball here and did not think that one could be held there. When I think of Younger Hall, I think of the graduation ceremonies and the introduction assembly we had in first year. However, I can honestly say that the organisers of the event transformed Younger Hall into a venue to remember.

As you walked into Younger Hall, you felt a transformation in the atmosphere with the music group Big Band playing jazzy hits allowing the setting to become chilled as people mingled with their drinks and Janetta’s ice cream. On one side of the venue there were casino games, which became very popular with guests and queues formed in both the roulette table and blackjack table.


Towards the middle of the evening attendees of the event were graced by performances by DanceSoc’s own Blue Angles dance team and Highland Fusion. Both the advanced and intermediate angles preformed pieces and Highland Fusion had the crowd pumping with an incredibly fast rendition of AC/DC’s Long Way to the Top, proving they do as they’re name describes mixing Highland Dancing and the rock ‘n’ roll classic. Plus, there was some epic air guitar.


After the amazing performances the floor was opened to all and the DJ took the stage with his set of current top 40 hits and all I can say is that there is a reason they are all in DanceSoc, they all know how to move.

I attended the ball not knowing what to expect as it was not one of the most popular events in St Andrews. However, I can honestly say it should be more publicised and highly rated as it was definitely a fun night and something that more people should think of going to. There are so many events in St Andrews that do not get the recognition that they deserve and I must say this ball definitely is one of them!