Love is Music Festival: Reviewed

The ‘Love is Music Enviro-Music Festival’ was held in the beautiful (and highly appropriate given the environmental focus of the event) Botanical Gardens, and promised ‘a day of music, environmental awareness activities and food’. The event page encouraged attendees to bring their own picnic, and so I arrived shortly after 1pm, swinging my Tesco bags, and, exchanging the £5 entry fee for a stamp, settled down on the grass to enjoy some music.

I had been worried about the distinct absence of sun upon waking on Saturday morning, but the weather remained pleasant (and rain free!) throughout the event and the atmosphere was good.  As we cracked open our sandwiches more and more people began arriving, until quite a crowd had formed round the stage where the first act, ‘Daniel and the Lion’ had kicked things off.  The music was upbeat and folky, perfectly suited to the event, and the audience – students and families alike – seemed to be soaking it up.  Five minutes in my feet were tapping and I was in half a mind to leave my picnic behind and join the children energetically dancing around.

As well as the musical entertainment, there were a variety of other activities to grab my interest.  Whilst the majority of people were socialising and generally enjoying the picturesque surroundings, others arrived with their bikes to take advantage of the free repair service being offered by Transition.  There was also an extremely appetising spread of tasty treats provided by Veg Soc, and smoothies flowing courtesy of a machine powered by Transition’s own bike-generator.  It’s safe to say I did not leave hungry.

Although my limited musical education did not stretch to any previous knowledge of the acts preforming I thoroughly enjoyed the music on offer, and the enchanting voice of Jen (of ‘Jen and the Gents’) had me swaying on my picnic blanket.

As well as the ‘main stage’ acts that had been advertised, there was a separate area where students were performing, providing a chilled, acoustic alternative and another opportunity to be convinced that love is indeed music.

Whilst I will admit that my environmental awareness is somewhat lacking, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to relax in such a nice setting – the Botanic Gardens is a place I will admit that I have never taken the time to visit before, but I will be back.

The Love is Music festival provided the ideal revision break, and a welcome alternative to my usual St Andrews event participation.  I left feeling fully satisfied and slightly more wholesome – drinking smoothies powered by a bicycle will do that to you.

Photos courtesy of Lightbox Creative