Mary’s Meals 10 Year Celebration: Preview

This year Mary's Meals, a international charity seeking to provide deprived children with a way out of poverty, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The movement works towards a simple goal: providing children with a daily meal in a place of education, as a way of attracting chronically poor children to the classroom and an education. 

On Saturday, the St Andrews Mary's Meals Society will be hosting a free screening of  'CHILD 31', a 30 minute documentary about the work of the charity, which feeds more than 700,000 children each day. The film will show at 300 locations this month, including presitgious venues like the California Independent Film Festival. It has also been entered for the Best Short Documentary category at the Academy Awards. 

With refreshments from The Cupcakery and live entertainment, this is a chance to learn more about the work and message of the charity. 

Venue: Salad Bowl, The Union
Time: 20:00 

Images courtesy of Suzanne Tucker and thefinalmiracle. Font by Vernon Adams. Compiled and edited by Kerri Pandjaitan.