May Ball Review

May Ball is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year and I was looking forward to my first time at this event (especially after organising an intense queuing schedule for tickets that involved me getting up at 4am). Unfortunately, the normal classic ticket holder (such as myself), didn't entitle you to much. Aside from access to Kinkell itself the only bonus you got was access to the three fairground rides, one of the bigger highlights of the evening.

I spent about an hour of my night in different lines for the rides (if you don't like queueing then this probably isn't the ball for you) but if you are with the right group of people (as I was!) it makes the experience much better and I enjoyed making friends in the queue, bumping into old tutorial friends, and dancing to some old school tunes. Inside Kinkell itself was the “main stage” which was disappointing in its choice to have very similar electronic music throughout the night. Where were the songs I could sing along to?? My VIP ticket holder friends told me that the music in their separate area was a lot more dancing/singing friendly with some classics that everyone knew the words to and even some jazz music to have a boogie to. The lack of songs I could recognise or even dance to properly was probably the most disappointing part of my night and although this may have been to the taste of some of the audience, the lack of variety meant that a large proportion of people were severely disappointed by the music choices.

Despite this one major setback May Ball was set up to try to ensure that everyone had a wonderful night. Buses ran quickly and efficiently from town and back again, Kinkell looked as stunning as ever and the evening air was warm enough for people to be outside eating food or watching their friends on rides. Drinks were sold at reasonable prices and there were enough staff that I never had to wait for particularly long for a good old vodka cranberry. Being with the right group of people was so important for this event and luckily I was with some great fun-loving friends and we had a wonderful mid-revision fortnight treat, getting dressed up in our finery and bumping into various friends!

£40 did seem a lot for a ticket to an event that didn't give you anything substantially different or more than any other ball in St. Andrews but as it is for charity I don't feel I can complain too much about this point and VIP tickets do seem better value for money as you have access to the site before everyone else, get free Jannetta's, pick and mix, cava, and your own stage (with more eclectic music).

Overall, the event was expertly organised and with some changes to the music and a VIP ticket, I’ll definitely be willing to give May Ball another chance. It is a great way to celebrate the end of the year and the start of summer.

And at the end of the day isn't that what May Ball should be all about?


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