Meet the Owl Eyes Editorial Team!

Welcome to Owl Eyes! Our magazine is an online-only publication started by two students in 2011. They wanted to embody the extraordinary, if at times bleak, lifestyle that is conjured up when you hear “St Andrews”. Today, we publish a wide variety of articles centered around life in the Bubble as well as photographs from an array of student events. The magazine itself has four uniquely named sections: the Informer (events), Bon Vivant (arts and culture), Gastronome (food) and the Wanderer (travel).

This year, the core Owl Eyes team is comprised of nine ladies with a total of eight different subjects among them. We got together to answer a few questions to go with our latest committee photoshoot, just in time for the holidays!


Victoria Skeie: Editor


 Favourite Owl Eyes article?

“Model of the moment: Cara Delevingne” pulled me into writing for Owl Eyes back in my first year. And the “Top things to do in San Francisco” article is by far my favourite Owl Eyes memory as it was written with Jenny, who is another editor!

Owls or eyes?

Owls (since they have great eyesight)!


Jenny Elwin: Wanderer Editor


 Dream holiday destination?

Ever since watching ‘Big Eyes’ I’ve been wanting to go to Hawaii. The colours were so mesmerising, and I’ve never been somewhere with tropical beaches. All the idyllic instagram accounts I follow have also been fuelling my infatuation!

Winter or summer?

I’d actually pick autumn: sweater weather, golden-red leaves and all of the pumpkin recipes your heart could desire.


Becky Knight: Informer Editor


Favourite St Andrews event?

I love Christmas Ball because it gets you into the holiday spirit with a good dance with all of your friends and makes it perfectly acceptable to douse yourself in shimmer powder.

9 AMs or 5 PMs?

I used to be a 5 PM girl as a fresher, but fourth year has brought the wonders of waking up before lunchtime, along with the convenience of being able to grab a Cottage Kitchen brunch after the tutorial.


Stephanie Araneo: Bon Vivant Editor


Barron or Byre?


Favourite holiday tradition?

Something friends and I do is watch Love Actually 5 weeks before Christmas (because that’s how early the first stories start in the movie!) and it kicks off the holiday season for me.


Maddie Gold: Gastronome Editor


Favourite holiday food?

My favourite holiday food is all the dessert. Christmas dinner is delicious but it’s definitely a warm up for my mum’s dessert extravaganza! She makes apple pie, chocolate brownies and, of course, Christmas cake. We’re left eating dessert until New Years!

Tailend or Cromars?

Definitely Cromars. I love the big window in there– you can gaze down Market Street all day!


Melissa Leigh Church: Head of Photography


Best kept St Andrews secret?

I always tell myself I need to go to the Botanic Gardens more. The greenhouses are beaut and they have lots of great events!

Canon or Nikon?

I love my Canon more than my own (academic) children.


Sabrina Mateo: Business Manager


Favourite social media platform?

My current favorite is definitely Instagram, but I’m also a major Facebook girl.

Owls or eyes?

Definitely owls, they’re just so cute!


Gabriella Giles: Social Media and Informer Graphics Editor


Favourite Owl Eyes article?

Anything from the ‘Escape the Bubble’ series in the Wanderer section.

Taste or Starbucks?



Raney Warner: Gastronome Graphics Editor


Best kept St Andrews secret?

Lade Braes. Everything is pretty and there are always cute dogs.

Thanksgiving or Christmas?

DEFINITELY Thanksgiving!


Owl Eyes: Up all night. Out all day.

The committee hopes to bring you the best reading materials throughout the year, and if you want to get involved, get in touch with us at!