Model of the Moment: Cara Delevingne

She’s the model everyone has been talking about, the new household name in fashion, the face of multiple fashion houses, walking in every high profile fashion show and covering every major publication across the globe. But what exactly is it that has made Cara Delevingne the most sought after girl in fashion?

Having been propelled into the spotlight in 2011 thanks to the Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer campaign, and now boasting over one million followers on Twitter and a further three million on Instagram, it cannot be denied that Cara has become one of the most popular icons of the present day. With an army of self-declared “Delevingners” – teenage girls obsessed by Cara’s style and looks, particularly those infamous eyebrows – she has successfully managed to make high fashion more accessible. Again we ask, how? The answer is simple: Cara injects her own personality into her work. Rather than simply walking the runway with a deadpan expression, she can often be caught backstage pulling funny faces and snacking on McDonalds as witnessed before the Burberry show at London Fashion Week. Her public appeal lies in her total defiance of the typical model stereotype.

In terms of the industry itself, this defiance also rings true. Her versatility has enabled her to be the face of everything from luxury Fendi to high street Zara, and walk in countless shows from Chanel to Victoria’s Secret. In addition, at just 20 years old, Cara has already managed to cover every prestigious publication, from posing for i-D magazine with a spider over her eye, to posing in a bathtub for LOVE magazine. Her bold eyebrows might be her defining feature but they haven’t hindered her from modeling for such an array of designers in so many varying styles. If anything, her trademark feature has helped her become an instantly recognizable face, marketable, some may say, yet unique.

Indeed, as Kate Moss turns 40 this year, the British fashion industry has begun to speculate over who could take over as the next global fashion icon. Having already proved to be an ambassador for the UK on the catwalk, most recently at the “British invasion” themed Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Cara undoubtedly looks set to follow in Kate’s footsteps. Her elusive yet playful nature is a breath of fresh air and her off-duty quirky style has received just as much attention as her outfits on the runway. Now the proud holder of titles including Model of the Year 2012 at the British Fashion Awards, Cara looks set to dominate the fashion world further. With reports that she will take to the stage behind a drum kit at this year’s British Fashion Awards, one thing is for sure: she promises to continue to keep things both on and off the catwalk interesting.