Music is Love’s Festive Bash: Preview

Music is Love’s beloved Festive Bash is back! This year they’re bringing up the massive instrumental fusion band Fat Suit to headline the event. Fat suit are a Glasgow based band boasting something like 30 talented members and the “coolest merchandise of the year award” – they think – for a Rubik’s cube advertising their Rubix tour. I would have to agree with this claim. They are fantastically tight and I personally can’t wait to hear them live, check out their Michael Jackson Medley if you’re in doubt.


Some homegrown St. Andrews talent will take the stage to get the festivities rolling: Chris Andrews – hands down one of the best solo performers in town. (Think Dave Mathews, with his hearty voice and jazzy head, and stick him in the mountains for a while.) Then, some alternative/folk music from Hamish James Hawk & The New Outfit – one of the most believable songwriters to come out of this town, now gaining momentum in Edinburgh with his band. We don’t get music nights like this in St Andrews very often. Revision is not an excuse to pass this up.

Music is Love will be supplying free mulled wine. There will be couches for those who prefer to be couched, chairs for those who prefer to be chaired, and floor for those who have had enough of the former two this week. Head down to the Union, and enjoy a little Christmas cheer, don’t give into the revision Grinch just yet…