Opening Ball Review

Like many first years, I jumped at the chance to attend the first major black tie event of the year – the Kate Kennedy opening ball. Finally, I had an excuse to dress up as if it wasn’t October in Scotland and to ignore the impracticality of tackling the cobbles of St Salvator’s quad in heels.

When I arrived I joined the myriad of sequinned dresses and suits, and was ushered into the venue by the traditional Scottish sound of bagpipes.

Speaking as a first year, whose nights so far have included putting on sensible shoes and running away to the Lizard, I was not prepared for the glamour of the opening ball. After I was welcomed with a complimentary glass of champagne, I was whisked away from all my looming essay deadlines, to what felt like an old Hollywood party (with a Scottish twist of course).

The atmosphere in the marquee was amazing. The ceiling was dripping with fairy lights and chandeliers; and the swing band had everyone shimmying before they had even hit the dance floor with renditions of ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘New York New York’.

The night progressed from civilised mingling by the free ice cream bar to throwing some rather questionable moves on the dance floor. Only in St. Andrews would you find hordes of students jumping up and down to music provided by a DJ and a saxophone player. To my over excited mind, the acts seemed to just get better with a variation of bands and DJ’s providing the soundtrack to the night.

The opening ball was a great night. Its simplicity helped make it a well-organised event. There was quick service at the bar with the added bonus of union prices. Even the service at the ice cream bar, which I expected to be in chaos, was very efficient.

The Kate Kennedy club provided what they had promised a night of glamour and dancing. My only complaint would be trying to walk across the cobbles in heels, but then I guess that’s St. Andrews for you.


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