Opening Ball 2014: Reviewed

While the Royals have long graduated, last night made clear that there are still an abundance of princes and beautiful princesses in St Andrews. Everyone was dressed to the nines and came in outfits of all shapes in sizes; kilts, three pieces, and dresses long and short. As the initiation into the fancy culture of St Andrews, the ball was wildly successful and presented a certain kind of magic in seeing friends in their most lovely state (a stark contrast to what was seen at breakfast the next morning).


I picked up my ticket during the day from the event site itself and, upon seeing the set up, I was slightly skeptical about the tents. This skepticism quickly evaporated when I saw Lower College Lawn’s transformation at night. Upon entry, students were offered coat check and then ushered upon a red carpet to strut their way into the main tent. On the left-hand side of the walkway was the student DJ tent, which played newer songs and mixes. On the right was a grassy area that included interesting circular benches that glowed red and white, a chips food truck, and a Butlers wrap stand. The main tent proved to have the most transformation out of the entire venue. Inside, the draped ceiling was adorned with fairy lights, creating a magical, fairytale feel. The Owl Eyes photo booth was set up directly in front of the entry, offering students a chance to have their pictures snapped while the results from hours of preparation were at their prime. On the opposite side of the room was Janetta’s ice cream stall. The ticket price included free ice cream and students crowded around the table to taste flavors including strawberry, lime, mint chocolate, and Scottish tablet. While the event was outdoors, the tent heated up quickly and ice cream was a huge hit amongst students frequenting the packed dance floor.


Students were greeted with champagne, but it ran out quickly, not all too surprising given the number of students who attended. The bar’s prices were on the pricier side but no one seemed to mind spending money and the higher prices were to be expected. The lines at the bar were quite short and water was offered on the side to reduce wait time for drinks.


For a quick snack, students could grab a bite from the food truck outside the tent. The wait in line was cold but the food, mostly chips, was well worth it. If in need of a heavier meal, the Butlers wrap stand provided a variety of options and students quickly developed new favorites. Butlers can definitely expect to see many new loyal customers after last night!

The beats resonating from the student DJ tent sounded against the music that echoed from the main tent. The Fabulous Hurricanes played the perfect mix of old-school and contemporary music. Couples paired up on the dance floor and showed off swing-like dance moves to keep up with the blues music, and then danced in groups for the rock songs. The KKC somehow managed to take a band whose feel paralleled the classiness of the ball and give it an unexpected twist to make it exciting and fun. Midway through the night, the musical acts switched and Seedy Soundsystem took over. I was thoroughly impressed by the trio and students danced the night away to fantastic mixes of new songs. The latter half of the night was my favorite and I would definitely love to see more of Seedy Soundsystem.

If you didn’t get to attend the Kate Kennedy Club’s Opening Ball this year, make sure to purchase a ticket in future years, as it is an event worth going to at least once throughout your time at St Andrews. The venue was packed in the best kind of way, and the dance floor was vibrant and lively. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the charitable cause was an added bonus. The Kate Kennedy Club has outdone themselves this year and I can’t wait for next year to experience it all over again!