Opening Ball: Reviewed

It’s safe to say that this year’s Opening Ball was a resounding success. As a second year student I returned with a certain degree of apprehension; unsure if the event would live up to my expectations having had such a fantastic time last year. Thankfully, I am glad to say that I was not disappointed!

Lower College Lawn, as a venue, is spectacular, immersed in the history and surrounded by the beautiful buildings of St. Andrews University the atmosphere is difficult to surpass. It also has the added advantage of being in the heart of St. Andrews so no need for buses transporting to and from the event.

The event was well organised and on the whole ran very smoothly. The champagne reception was a lovely start to get the drinks flowing and complementary cotton candy and popcorn was a definite plus. It was a nice and unique beginning to a St Andrews event, especially since there was an unlimited supply!


There was an electrifying atmosphere in the tent outside, with the music blaring and everyone dancing to their hearts content; it was definitely the place to be towards the end of the ball and if you were not dancing there at some point, then you were missing out. The DJ’s (Ashton Squires and Folarin Coker) did a great job, playing music that was enjoyable and had everyone singing along and partying. Inside there was more music and I really liked having a choice later whether to stay inside the marquee or go to the outside tent. There was a positive, fun vibe throughout the night.

Fashion excelled at this year’s ball. One of my favourite things about Opening Ball, was the fact that Lower College Lawn’s town-based location allowed revellers the opportunity to wear full-length dresses. This year, there was an abundance of glamour with numerous full length dresses on display that looked elegant and stunning while the men looked stylish and smart in their suits. It was great to see, yet again, high fashion at St. Andrews.

Opening Ball this year was incredible. I had lots of fun throughout the whole night and hope to attend next year too!