Oz Ball: A Night in the Emerald City

Hosted and organized by the Dance Society, Saturday night’s Oz Ball did not fail to impress. I was not quite sure what to expect as I donned my sea-green dress and gold heels and made my way to Younger Hall—I have had very little involvement with Dance Soc, aside from knowing a few people on the dance teams. However, as I treated myself to a heaping cone of free Janettas and set off to explore the venue, I quickly realized that the Dance Soc members are event-organizing veterans, and know exactly what makes a good time.

An impressive live set from The Big Band played as more people started to arrive, starting off the evening with an air of old-fashioned charm. The beauty of Younger Hall was intensified by green lights and balloons that made the whole place glow like the Emerald City itself. And a selection of Oz-inspired cocktails at the bar was complemented by a generous supply of free punch, which somehow tasted like Starburst. Delicious.


A bit after 9:00, guests were entertained by performances by the dance teams—The Blue Angels embraced the theme and showcased their talent with a number from Wicked and a beautiful rendition of ‘Dancing in the Dark.’ Next, the Desert Roses rocked a Beyoncé medley that seriously made me want to kick off my heels and join in. I think everyone else felt the same way, as the dance floor was quickly and easily filled to maximum capacity once the dancers had finished. This was probably due in part to St Andrews favorite DJ SAUNIT, whose fantastic set had everyone on their feet.


After a few hours of dancing and loads more free punch, my sore feet forced me to take a breather and retire from the dance floor. Quite a few ball-goers successfully made it to the After Party at the Vic, where the fun continued until closing. If I had to criticize anything about Oz Ball, I would probably say that the performances should have happened later into the event, so that even the latecomers could have been there to see them! Also, a bit more publicity might have helped to draw a larger crowd, which could have made the night even more vibrant. That said, there is definitely something about the intimacy of a smaller ball that makes it special and unique compared to some of the bigger events. All in all, I definitely enjoyed myself!