Presenting: The Stars of Starfields

We have our flower crowns at the ready as Starfields draws out the summer for one final festival.

Though what should we be streaming from Spotify in preparation for the highlight of Freshers week? Lucky for you, at Owl Eyes we thought we’d create a little cheat sheet for those determined to prove their music cool credentials to their new fresher friends.

With one of the most well-known round up of musical acts to come to St. Andrews, you may be surprised that you’re already very well acquainted with the musical talent below.

Michael Calfan 

You may have been listening to ‘Treasured Soul’or ‘Nobody Does It Better’, well now its time to meet their maker. Michael Calfan has had an incredible impact on the world of house music, going as far as coining his own sub-genre, soul house. Despite being an artist who has fun and doesn’t believe in taking life too seriously, his music has a depth and emotion that moves beyond just going out and having a good time, but stirring up nostalgia. He has become one of the most sought after DJs around, putting in appearances at almost every major music festival, and of course at our very own Starfields. What does our headliner have to say about his upcoming visit to St.Andrews? ‘I can’t wait to play at Starfields 2016, I heard that the atmosphere is amazing! See you there!’

Philip George

This man does not do anything by halves, well at least that was the impression I got by the amount of times Starfield’s first supporting act dropped the words ‘100 percent’ in conversation. Cracking the UK Top 40 at no.2 with ‘Wish You Were Mine’ back in January 2015, Phillip George’s career has been at full steam ever since, cranking out tracks like ‘Alone no More’ with Anton Powers, and current anthem ‘Feel This Way’ (feat Dragonette). He’s ticked DJing at Cream Ibiza, sets at Sankeys on the island and Bestival of his bucket list, but is showing no signs of slowing down. Suspend all expectations, his set is rarely what you’d expect: ‘People might think I’m going to play loads of mainstream songs because I’ve had a hit, but I like to play uplifting house music the crowd isn’t likely to know too.’

Cheat Codes

We all know that song, that song that you catch yourself singing along to, then realize you are on a bus of OAPs looking somewhat shocked at your recent declaration. For those of you who missed the hint, I’m talking about ‘Sex’. The musical trio behind the hit song are bringing their Cheat Code way of life to St. Andrews. What is the ‘Cheat Code to Life’? According to Matthew Russell it is ‘Their mission statement… being able to have fun, while skipping all the hard stuff.’ The Los Angeles-based trio certainly are living their mantra. They clinched no.1 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 with ‘Adventure’ in 2015 and have hit the road with the Chainsmokers, Ansolo and DallasK. Now it is time for them to take on Scotland: ‘We’re so excited for our first ever performance in Scotland! We’re happy that we can team up with St. Andrews Charity Fashion Show for such an incredible cause! Make sure to come out and party with us while we raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity!’


A student himself, Bodalia has managed to squeeze his DJing antics in alongside a medical degree. His unique, high energy and captivating sound claimed him victory in the ‘Mazda Drives: The Sound of Tomorrow’ DJ competition. In 2016, Bodalia’s first release, ‘Oceans’, was played globally on radio stations across the UK and USA. We have the good fortune to round off his incredible year, highlights include performing at Tomorrowland and receiving an award from David Cameron. Get excited for one of the youngest artists on the electronic music circuit. His performance promises to be full of energy and dynamic basslines.