Save the Children Launch: Reviewed

Last Monday Save the Children society held their launch party down at Castle Sands for the Children’s Gala they are throwing this September to raise money for the organization.

Upon arrival, the first 80 guests were given a free beer. The rocks were decorated with simple fairy lights (gala sneak peak) around the DJ area. Music was brought to us by Ashton Squires and was definitely a highlight of the event.

Originally planned for Friday night, the committee postponed it until after the weekend for better weather, which guests appreciated. Though I put on extra layers before heading out, the location actually shielded from the icy wind. The committee had set up a nice bonfire and pallets for people to sit and chat on. All in all creating a chill atmosphere, and an enjoyable evening to mark the first day of revision.

StC photo 1

I sat down with Dan Meagher, convener for the Children’s Gala and managed to get some inside information on what we can look forward to.

Why hasn’t Save the Children St Andrews done something like this before?

Save the Children society has been running for seven years, but has never grown into a large society. So the committee has never felt they had enough ‘manpower’ to throw huge fundraisers like the Children’s Gala before now.

Is there something new the club is trying to achieve?

The goal is to expand to a larger society, and to raise awareness and fundraise for Save the Children. And we can achieve both of these by expanding and organizing large events like the Gala.

How much are you trying to raise with this event?

Our fundraising goal is £10,000.

And how much will tickets be?

We have yet to decide, but we believe it will range from £30 to £35.

Have you settled on a venue?

Yes, St Andrews Castle Ruins. We are still in negotiations with Historic Scotland on exact details, but it will be held at the castle.

StC 3

What will be different about the gala compared to other St Andrews events?

For example the launch party, we wanted to have something different than the Vic. That is why we decided on a bonfire. We have the same goal for the Gala: we want to offer a new and exciting venue with a fairytale and medieval theme. That is going to be the new scheme.

On another side of things, 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. Not to bash on other St Andrews charity organizations, but that is something few of them actually manage to do.

Will the gala be an annual event to the St Andrews social calendar?

Yes, we’d certainly like it to be. It depends on how successful it is, but we have a great subcommittee to ensure it will be. The event will be held in late September and will be a good platform for people to get in touch or even meet new people early on in the academic year.


Though I dread exams and would rather be on my summer break, if Dan’s enthusiasm is any indication, the Children’s Gala seems like it is going to be among the best events held in St Andrews next year. I for one can’t wait to get back to St Andrews in September for this.