Scouting for Girls Reviewed

Freshers Week 2014 is drawing to a close, but Venue 1 was packed last night to see Scouting For Girls. The band released three top ten albums over the past eight years but are mainly known by the home student population. Others were confused whether Scouting For Girls was an event for ‘Don’t Walk’! The band stuck to old songs, but quite frankly the nostalgia of singing along to the feel-good hits was what everyone came for, and they weren’t disappointed.

The support acts included the local talent of student DJ Kitan Ogunfeibo and Scottish Band Hello Future. Inevitably Venue 1 felt very empty at the beginning of the night, creating the atmosphere of an awkward school disco, which seems hard to avoid at events held in the Union. It was Hello Future’s first official gig and they gave an excited performance. They were good musicians but the volume was up too loud to hear the lyrics or their shouted comments. Most people remained in the union bar waiting for the headline act, but Hello Future’s debut single ‘Do You Feel Alive’ was catchy, if repetitive and their cover of Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’ went down well.

There a slightly awkward silence before Scouting For Girls came on, but as soon as they did the night immediately picked up. The venue was filled, the atmosphere energised, and front man Roy Stride immediately got everyone singing along. Scouting For Girls were great live, their songs are catchy, the lyrics easy to remember and Stride’s vocals were on point. They played all the favourites including ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Elvis Ain’t dead’, ‘Posh Girls’ and ‘This Ain’t a Love Song’ and the audience joined in every one with gusto.

The band finished with a slower song before they came back on for the inevitable encore. They covered Rudimental’s ‘Waiting all Night’ before playing the song that everyone had been waiting all night to hear: ‘She’s So Lovely’. This left everyone on a high, but was almost instantaneously followed by a mass exodus from Venue 1. The following DJ set maintained the energised atmosphere for the few that remained, but it was clear that the majority had only come to see Scouting For Girls.

Scouting For Girls were definitely worth going to see. It was simply a night of great music, and whilst it took a while to get going, everyone was jumping up and down and singing along by the end of the night.

Photos courtesy of the St Andrews Student Association.