Sitara* Reviewed

St Andrews would not be the same without all its social events, and the spring semester is notably packed with them.  By the time April rolled around, I was already exhausted from attending the other fashion shows in February.  Seeking some respite from deadlines in the form of a night out, I was looking to round out my St Andrews fashion experience with the multi-coloured jewel in the crown that is Sitara*.  Having never been, I was not sure what to expect, but I can happily say that it did not disappoint.

Upon arrival at Pondside (a location that seemed to elude everyone’s understanding of where it was until the committee posted an illustrative map on the Sitara* Facebook page), the excitement in the air was palpable. Throngs of people dressed in brightly coloured saris, glittery dresses and velvet suit jackets scattered the path to the marquee.

The inside of the marquee was sparsely decorated save for the VIP tables and a rickshaw covered in flowers in the corner.  The elephant in the room, the catwalk, took up most the space and coupled with the VIP sections left little room for the Standard ticket holders at the front of the venue.  The main standing area between the door and the catwalk seemed surprisingly narrow upon entering, ending up getting a bit cramped at times during particularly exciting parts of the show.

Among the food vendors were Toro Tapas, Ludo & Lolo’s Crêperie (Standard ticket holders got a free crêpe!) and the Sassy Coconut.  (I will admit that whilst people around me were making out and revelling in human companionship I spent a considerable amount of time dancing with the Toro Japanese nachos in hand because they were just. That. Good.)

The fashion itself was outstanding—a few favourites include Vanessa Barragão’s stunning textured wool creations, the feathered mermaid wedding gown from Mirka and the vibrant chunky jumper and socks and sandals combination from AntagonismC by Ana Avelar.  The models all seemed to be having a fantastic time on the catwalk, two of them even sharing a cheeky kiss at the front of the runway.  The show was punctuated with various stunning moments like this, and one of the highlights of the night was when the Bhangra drummer did a duet with a bagpiper—truly bringing together the South Asian and Scottish cultures.

The dance performances woven throughout the show were fun and upbeat, and despite a couple minor hiccups in the choreography every transition was relatively smooth.  The music was a fantastic blend of South Asian sounds and contemporary club tracks, lending the perfect fusion vibe to the evening.

When it came time for the after-party, the crowd thinned noticeably.  A large number of people left for the Union and the Vic around midnight (including myself).  Despite the evening festivities dwindling rather quickly, my Sitara* experience as a whole was a positive one and I’m definitely attending next year.



All photos courtesy of Lightbox St Andrews