Spectrum is a podcast show based in St Andrews that looks at issues of gender equality that releases four podcasts each year, two each semester, on issues that are connected with gender equality. It looks at topics from intersectionality (of race, sexuality and class with feminism) to the vagina.

This year they are releasing podcasts on: Birth, Sex & Love, Work & Leisure and Death. They have already released our podcast on Birth this year, so make sure you take a listen.

Spectrum aims to have as many different perspectives as possible and the focus is on interviews. It poses questions, provokes thought, and listens to expert advice on our areas of focus. During the last podcast they interviewed Chris Croucher, a Producer from Downton Abbey, about the birth scene with Sybil and Dr. Michel Odent, a famous obstetrician. In the next episode they will hear from a lead singer in a band and a producer from the BBC, as well as many other people. At the end of each podcast there is a ‘final thought’ that is not connected with the theme of the rest of the podcast.


Spectrum is a subcommittee of FemSoc but a very independent child and there are journalists on the team who do not identify with the word feminist but care just as passionately about gender equality. Spectrum is about raising awareness of the patriarchy, misogyny and, most crucially, sexism against both men and women. Their podcasts give a platform through which to promote their ideas.

Lucy, the editor of Spectrum, has said, “Prejudice, sexism and exploitative relations are created and continued through the use of ideas, perceptions and voices. Spectrum aims to use these same weapons to help defeat them.” In a nutshell that is what Spectrum is all about. It is the project I am most proud of at university, as it has given me confidence to speak out and we have people all over the world listening to out online podcasts.

If you would like to get involved with Spectrum then please contact Lucy on: lipg2@st-andrews.ac.uk or myself at jmb35@st-andrews.ac.uk . Please also feel free to contact any of the Spectrum team with your ideas for podcasts or feedback on what they have produced so far; they would love to hear from you! Spectrum is having a launch party for their latest podcast on 25th November in St Regs at 8pm, where they will be celebrating with cocktails. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

They will also be releasing our new podcast on Sex and Love at the beginning of December so keep your ears out for that. What student doesn’t want to talk about sex and love? Stay tuned! Spectrum is a unique podcast so don’t miss the opportunity to get involved.

You can find Spectrum on YouTube, Spreaker and I-tunes so tune in and please let us know what you think. If you are looking for us online then head over to: http://spectrumpodcast.flavors.me/ where we have all of our links to our online groups and outlets.