St Andrews Charities Campaign: Get Involved!

The St Andrews Charities Campaign raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for three amazing charities each year. We spoke with Julianna Joss, the Postgraduate Coordinator of the St Andrews Charities Campaign, to learn more about what they do. What she feels is quite remarkable is that these charities are selected by students, thus giving us a connection to initiatives and events throughout the year (RAG Week, Catwalk, Race2, just to name a few) that benefit these good causes. This past year, the student body elected their local charity: Families First, their national charity: Scottish Refugee Council, and their international charity, Save the Children. As the 2017-2018 academic year draws to a close, they are looking for their next charities to support – one international, one national and one local charity.

Nominations are open until tomorrow 6/4/18 and voting will open on 9/4/18.  They want to engage as many students as possible in this process.

With every matriculated student a member, the University of St Andrews Charities Campaign is our united philanthropic body.  They strive to raise as many funds as possible for three charities, which are intentionally chosen by students. Their initiatives to fundraise touch a diverse array of student life; there is truly something for everyone.

From hundreds of students hitchhiking across Europe for Race2 to Purple Pablos as part of Raising and Giving (RAG) Week, Catwalk Fashion Show, and events, such as cloakrooms, Bops, bake sales, and bungee jumps, they raise tens of thousands of pounds each year.  In the 2016-2017 year, they raised over £74,000.  Students and the cuddly mascot, Rory McLion, take ownership and put their full selves into making these events and initiatives successful.  The altruistic spirit of St Andrews students continue to drive the campaign, year after year. 

Each of the nominated charities has a mission that resonates with students. For the 2017-2018 school year, their local charity was Families First whose mission is to assist families dealing with difficult times – bringing joy into their lives through events and support groups. In addition to raising funds to help Families First realize their mission, many students volunteer regularly as youth mentors.  Their national charity, based out of Glasgow, is the Scottish Refugee Council, which provides advice and direct services to people seeking asylum, as well as spreading awareness and engaging in policy.  The Charities Campaign will also partner with the Scottish Refugee Council to host a refugee speaker and discussion in May.  Last, but not least, their international charity is Save the Children whose mission is to advocate and provide relief and support for children in developing countries.

The heart of the Charities Campaign is rooted in the enthusiasm and engagement of students.  Nominations for the 2018-2019 charities can be submitted simply by emailing by 6th April.  Voting is then open from 9th April online.

In addition, the Charities Campaign will be holding an AGM on 9th April at 7 pm in the Beacon Bar – there are several exciting positions to run for and this an amazing opportunity get involved with them.  Here is the Facebook event:

Also check out their online magazine here if you need any more information: