St Andrews Ball Preview

Following the success of the 600th Finale Ball, The Fellowship of St Andrews has decided to transition the once in a lifetime event into a regular occurrence. Perfect news for those of you who didn’t want to wait 100 years for the next one! This year promises to blend the old favourites with as many modern surprises as the 600th Ball provided. The only thing better than the 600th Ball could be, well, the 601st Ball.


For those of you who are still a little foggy on what the Fellowship is, it is a society that aims to promote town-and-gown relations through volunteering, fundraising, and events that foster enthusiasm for historical traditions and celebrate our diverse community. Some of their recent projects include the renovation of the Legacy Garden, volunteering projects at Craigtoun Park, the On The Rocks Evolving Mural, and a stunning photography exhibition at the Brew Pub.


Since tickets were so in demand last year, I would highly recommend that you don’t leave it the last minute to get your hands on one! Pre-sale starts on the 29th of October (from 12-4PM at The Vic) and are priced £5 cheaper than those for sale online. Online ticket sales will launch on the 31st of October. For the price of your ticket you don’t just get a stellar night to remember, (with the best line-up of DJs that I’ve witnessed at a ball, stay tuned for the big reveal!) but a bundle of freebies as well. These include but are by no means limited to: a champagne reception, complimentary entry into a sponsored-raffle, and a vodka luge. Get your black-tie ready, St Andrews.

Excited already? Check out the event website here

Ticket Sales:

Pre-sale 29th of October, The VIC, from 12:00 – 16:00

First 300 pre-sale tickets are available at £30

Online ticket sales 31st of October, at £35

If you want to learn more about the Fellowship and what they do, visit their Facebook page or historical blog